Jewish history

The Jews of Switzerland

Over the last three centuries, the Swiss Confederation, with its spectacular alpine beauty and prosperous economy, has attracted aspiring immigrants including many Jews.

Second Temple period Jewish ritual bath uncovered, in need of rescuing

The 2,000-year-old facility was revealed during a salvage excavation by the Israel Antiquities Authority.

BOSKOVICE’S MAIN Square, 1890. The A. J. Ticho store is at left.
The Jewish shop on Boskovice's Main Square

With its location on the main square, A. J. Ticho was a busy place. In addition to textiles, the store featured sewing supplies, ribbons, trim and needles and thread, of course.

Jewish history shows the consequences of tolerating police brutality

Historically, Jews have had an ambiguous relationship with the police.

The Tomb of Serah, daughter of Asher, Pir Bakran, Iran
Stolen Hebrew, Persian inscriptions returned to Jewish site in Iran

The theft was originally reported last summer but the stolen items were only found 10 days ago.

‘IT IS the text that brought the people into being.’
Torah: The unavoidable and disturbing text

Reading the text requires the courage to confront oneself. It means standing in front of a mirror and asking oneself the daunting question of who we really are.

Benjamin Franklin’s virtues – and practical Jewish ethics in prison

How Rabbi Eliahu Klein integrated Franklin’s autobiography and ‘Musar’ practice into a California rehabilitation program

Remembering the surprising history of Israeliana

The uniqueness of Israeliana seems to be that it is the collection of material items produced by a society that may not have been wealthy, but had a powerful sense of ideology.

‘Mysteries of Lisbon or What The Tourist Should See' Portugal Film Festival
April 1506: the converso massacre in Lisbon

What was the secret of the Portuguese conversos? How did they manage to salvage shreds of identity that could have easily been lost?

The Jewish imperative of the coronavirus crisis

As governments around the world set about easing restrictions and life begins to gradually, it is evident that the coronavirus has changed every one of us, creating a new reality.

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