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EGYPTIAN LEADER Anwar Sadat, US president Jimmy Carter and prime minister Menachem Begin meet at Cam
Reappraising the Carter presidency

A new book by Stuart Eizenstat seeks to give Jimmy Carter’s role in the peace process a new face.

Is the Jimmy Carter Center providing material support for terrorism?

The Carter Center, as well as Jimmy Carter himself, have been investing time and resources with designated terrorist organization aimed, allegedly, at promoting peaceful goals.

The United Nations Security Council meets on the situation in the Middle East
Kuwait challenges U.S. over Palestinians, invites Jimmy Carter to speak at UNSC

Of Carter, the Kuwaiti ambassador to the UN said that he had an important role to play in the peace process; Carter has yet to accept the invitation.

Jimmy Carter Israel
Books: Imposing a solution

Nathan Thrall argues that the US should leverage its power to force Israel to make concessions for peace.

Former US president Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter: US must recognize a Palestinian state

Former US president urges Obama administration to push for a UN Security Council resolution "laying out the parameters for resolving the conflict."

Former US president Jimmy Carter
Former US President Jimmy Carter confirms that he has cancer

The Carter family has a history of pancreatic cancer, including his parents, two sisters and younger brother Billy Carter who all died from the disease.

Former US president Jimmy Carter speaks at the opening of a new exhibit in New York
Radical Islam has just won its second war against America

He ran on “hope and change” as a liberal Democrat and the anti-war candidate.

Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
Right from Wrong: Black and white and read in Farsi

As far as Khamenei is concerned, then, Israel’s whole status is unraveling, just as he predicted.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (R) shakes hands with former US president Jimmy Carter
Carter causes consternation with election call for Palestinian Arabs

Elections in Gaza and the West bank have not taken place for a decade, but would a new round do any good?

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (R) shakes hands with former US president Jimmy Carter
Carter slams Netanyahu, praises Abbas

Former US president calls for elections in Palestinian territories

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