john kerry israel

john kerry

Letter from America: A speech Kerry could have delivered in Paris

Here is what you should have said.

john kerry

Kerry tells Netanyahu: 'You're affecting the ability to make peace'

The outgoing statesman spoke in conversation with 'New York Times' columnist Thomas Friedman on stage at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

John Kerry standing among foreign ministers at Paris peace conference

Comment: The pitiable, pathetic Paris peace parley

"Well done, gentlemen. We get the point. You really, really don’t like settlements, you have problems with Israel and you hate Prime Minister Netanyahu’s guts."

john kerry

Kerry to Netanyahu: US won't support new UN resolution after Paris parley

Netanyahu told Kerry that damage has already been done to Israel by the anti-settlement resolution that the US allowed to pass in the Security Council last month.

Rex Tillerson

Tillerson criticizes Kerry's approach to Israel, vowing a different path

President-elect Donald Trump's choice for secretary of state, Rex Tillerson also warned of weaknesses in the Iran nuclear deal.

US Secretary of State John Kerry

Recapping tenure, Kerry owns Iran deal, distances himself from Syria and Israel

"...we worked very hard to restart negotiations between the two sides... Unfortunately, the parties were not willing to make the difficult choices necessary to move forward with the negotiations."

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