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Editor's Notes: A visit to Pollard’s Manhattan apartment

The words “Pollard’s Manhattan apartment” might have the average person think of a doorman, a view of the Big Apple, a large apartment, and the “easy life.” The reality is far from it.

Washington Watch: Spies – real and imagined

President Donald Trump turned down repeated pleas from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on behalf of Pollard, but that could be about to change.

Jonathan Pollard
Pollard slams Israeli government for not bringing him home

“To be disappointed you have to expect more,” Pollard said in the impromptu interview in a New York restaurant.

IN FRIENDLIER times during a visit to Washington, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with Benny Gantz
Those were the days

Movers and shakers, how Israeli people shape the places of this country.

False alarm on Netanyahu bringing Pollard home

Trump has the authority to commute Pollard's sentence to time served and allow him to move to Israel.

Jonathan Pollard
Bnei Akiva calls for granting Pollard waiver head of Trump-Netanyahu meeting

"The trust as well as the good and warm relations between the two countries and leaders must be expressed by allowing Pollard to come to Israel," the petition read.

Pollard says Netanyahu-Trump posters prove 'PM has abandoned me'

Pollard was paroled from prison in November 2015 after serving 30 years of a life sentence for passing classified information to Israel.

A plea for Pollard

The story of a life-saving letter that was spurned.

Rabbi: Obama appointees prevent Pollard from completing parole in Israel

“It’s clear that the Justice Department is still staffed by Obama holdovers who are not favorable to Israel, because this decision is clearly against the State of Israel.”

Jonathan and Esther Pollard
U.S. rejects Netanyahu's request to allow Pollard to immigrate to Israel

Pollard was paroled on Nov. 20, 2015, after having served 30 years in prison for passing classified information to an ally.

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