judean hills

Jewish archaeological sites in West Bank must be preserved - Herzog

"It is important to know that Jewish history did not originate in Tel Aviv, but in Judea and Samaria," ZOA Israel director Dan Illouz said.

Campers evacuated as forest fire spreads through Begin Park

The fire covered nearly 10 acres of land and fire teams did not have control of it. Multiple teams from the Judea and Samaria, Jerusalem and Center regional fire teams were at the scene.

What were Israel's archaeological advances during COVID?

A 6,000-year-old skeleton of a child, a near-3,000-year-old natural disaster and ancient churches, including advancements in the legendary Dead Sea Scrolls, are among this year's finds.

Even after Assyria won, Judeans produced olive oil in biblical Shephelah

A new study by Bar Ilan University scholars suggests that the Philistines engaged in olive oil production earlier than previously thought, but did not have the monopoly of it.

Reuven Marriott

Meet the couple growing Israel's microgreens on their farm

Reuven and Orya Marriot live in the town of Otniel and run their farm out of a caravan and are driven by the mission of environmentalism.


Where did the biblical road from Judea to Edom pass? Experts find answers

Research led by Ben Gurion University archaeologist Dr. Eli Cohen-Sasson offers new insights on the ancient route through the Judean desert.

Judean Desert Texts: What is their significance?

This group includes the legal documents of Jews who fled to caves along the shore of the Dead Sea during the Bar-Kochba Revolt.


Norman Golb, pioneering Dead Sea Scrolls scholar, dies at 92

Golb also headed a movement in the 1990s to allow increased scholarship of the scrolls, which had been restricted for decades.


Tu Bishvat: Trees in Jerusalem & the Judean Hills

A census of Jerusalem trees undertaken seven years ago by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel reported that some 4,900 trees in the city that are at least a half-century old.


Chemical ‘time-machine’ to tie Israel’s ancient people with modern land

“Israel has many archaeological sites which are really important for understanding human evolution."

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