Judicial Selection Committee

Judicial reform: Netanyahu is restoring balance to Israeli democracy - opinion

This is not the first time Netanyahu has been villainized for a much-needed change by politicians who manipulate the narrative for their own political gains.

What are the next steps in Israel's controversial judicial reforms?

The judicial reform was first announced by Justice Minister Yariv Levin last Wednesday and includes several items.

Activists call for court shutdown, lawyer protest, against judicial reforms

Eight Israeli law faculty deans also criticized the reforms in a letter, warning they would alter the system of checks and balances.

Israeli judicial reform: Coalition to have majority on judge appointment

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stressed that Yariv Levin's judicial reform will be carried out "responsibly" and in a level-headed manner.

Israelis protest Levin's judicial reform: High Court protects soldiers from ICC

Israel Bar association president Avi Himi also took an intense line of attack against the reform, comparing the reforms to the 2021 January 6 US Capitol.

Netanyahu gov't planned Override Clause will suppress individual rights - opinion

Whereas one might wish to criticize the process by which judges are selected in Israel, I would respectfully suggest that the system is fundamentally fair.


Orli Markman to be third female IDF Maj.-Gen. ever

Orli Markan is set to become the third female maj.-gen. in the IDF after she was appointed as president of the military court of appeals.

Judicial Selection Committee holds first meeting

The powerful Judicial Selection Committee, chaired by Justice Minister Gideon Sa'ar and which is set to replace six justices through October 2023, held its first meeting Monday night.

Coalition overcomes challenge in judicial selection committee vote

The Knesset also elected two women MKs for the Jewish court selection committee.


Netanyahu loses key vote inside Likud faction

The Judicial selection committee is to be decided on Wednesday, but opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu's candidate failed to gain the confidence of his fellow Likud members.

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