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My Word: Royal farewell, Rosh Hashanah and grave concerns

The passing of the British queen at the ripe old age of 96, after a 70-year reign, marks the end of an era for us all.

Check out the new Hebrew Jewish prayer for King Charles III - Read here

In a memorial event organized by the Jewish community on Wednesday, UK’s Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis also added a special prayer for the memory of the Queen.


Herzog to fly out to UK, represent Israel at Queen Elizabeth's funeral

President Isaac Herzog will express condolences to King Charles III on his own behalf and on behalf of the people of Israel.

What does a world without Queen Elizabeth look like? - opinion

Queen Elizabeth died fulfilling her duty to the very end. Two days earlier, she was pictured in the media appointing a new UK prime minister. In her death, she exemplified her life.

King Charles III's halachic gesture towards UK’s Chief Rabbi

As King Charles takes up royal duties, he is scheduled to meet British Cheif Rabi Ephraim Mirvis. In a thoughtful gesture, the royal palace moved the meeting to avoid any violation of Shabat laws.


What did UK Parliament look like after the Queen's death? - opinion

While parliament has been shut to all external visitors, including the press, I have had the privilege of seeing this monumental moment unfold up close.


Russia, Myanmar not invited to Queen Elizabeth's funeral - report

About 500 foreign dignitaries are expected to attend Queen Elizabeth's funeral in London next week, although Russia, Belarus and Myanmar will not be sending representatives.


UK Jewish lawmaker mourns Queen Elizabeth’s death with Kabbalah lesson

Baron David Wolfson walked his peers through several aspects of Jewish tradition, including gematria, the Jewish practice of finding meaning through the numerical value of words.


Scottish police make three arrests over protests following queen's death

Two people were arrested and charged with breaching the peace, a third person arrested has not been charged yet.


After 70 years, Israeli haredi newspapers can feature UK monarch's photo again

Queen Elizabeth II has not been portrayed in the haredi press since the ban of photos of women in these religious communities.

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