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Latvia, Canada allow citizens to fight in Ukraine

Thousands of foreigners have expressed interest in joining Ukraine's "International Legion."


Latvia passes law for restitution of Jewish property taken in Holocaust

The worth of stolen Jewish real estate during the Holocaust was calculated to be in excess of €47 million.

Belarus must be held accountable for human trafficking, Baltic states say

'We ... condemn the actions taken by the Lukashenko regime instrumentalizing migrants for political purposes,' the presidents of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia said on Monday.

Nazi war criminal Amon Goth's headshot

Belgian town removes references to Latvian Nazi collaborators

A Belgian town is removing from a local square most of its references to a group of Latvian soldiers who were part of Nazi Germany’s SS forces after controversy.


5,000-year-old bubonic plague victim found in Latvia - study

The plague caused the Black Death, wiping out about a third of the global population in the Middle Ages, but research indicates the disease is thousands of years older than previously thought.


Cats recover from COVID-19 very quickly, scientists want to find out why

It is unclear what fallout the findings of this study will have for Israel, which has a famously large population of feral felines roaming the streets and alleys.

Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum

Riga Holocaust Museum at risk of closing over new lease concerns

"In our opinion, the present version of the contract jeopardizes the future of the museum," said Dr. Rabbi Menachem Barkahan.

President Rivlin with the Belgian Ambassador

Rivlin receives credentials of five new ambassadors to Israel

New ambassadors from Belgium, Uzbekistan, Sweden, Norway and Latvia presented credentials to President Reuven Rivlin during a ceremony held at the President's house.

Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum

Riga Holocaust Museum avoids closure with new lease agreement

The museum will remain on the property free of charge.

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