Woman discovers husband's affair and creates an unusual contract

The unfaithful husband pledged never to meet his mistress again.

  (photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)
(photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)

In a rather unusual scenario, a legal wife sat face-to-face with her husband and his mistress, accompanied by their respective lawyers. What began as an affair lasting three and a half years had brought them to this surreal moment, including the revelation of an illegitimate child from the illicit relationship.

Despite the immense pain of betrayal, the wife hesitated to end the marriage abruptly. Instead, they sought legal counsel from lawyer Lucy Meir, who proposed a remarkable solution. It was agreed that if the husband, in the presence of his wife, signed an agreement with his mistress, vowing to end their relationship and only officially acknowledge their daughter at the Ministry of the Interior while providing child support, the wife would consider giving their marriage a second chance.

Thus, an unromantic quintet comprising the husband, lawyers, and the lover embarked on an unusual agreement. In this pact, the husband acknowledged the child's paternity, and the deal's approval would mandate his registration as the father at the Ministry of the Interior. The document also specified the mistress as an unmarried mother, while the husband remained married to another woman with whom he had several children.

The details of the agreement

Furthermore, the agreement dictated that the husband and the mistress would live separately, with the daughter primarily in the mother's care. Custody was clearly outlined, designating the mistress as the sole guardian responsible for all decisions regarding the child's residence, education, health, and more without requiring the husband's consent.

Attorney Meir explained that it was impossible to prohibit the husband from seeing his daughter, as it contradicted the child's best interests. Ultimately, the arrangement satisfied all parties involved and passed judicial scrutiny.

After the agreement was finalized and signed, it was presented to the Family Court, which granted it the status of a legally binding judgment. Only after the legal wife witnessed her husband's commitment in court did she decide to give their marriage another chance, returning to the lawyer's office to sign a peace agreement or, potentially, a divorce.

To deter further infidelity, the wife introduced a clause in the agreement stipulating that both parties must maintain trust. If either party engaged in romantic, sexual, or marital relations with anyone else, they would be liable to pay the injured party a substantial compensation of 200,000 shekels.

Credit: Sam Itzhakov
Credit: Sam Itzhakov

Additionally, the agreement addressed the possibility of the husband renewing his relationship with the mistress from the earlier deal. In such an event, the shared apartment would be divided, with the wife receiving 65% of its value and the husband retaining 35%.

However, as life often unfolds in unpredictable ways, several years later, the wife chose not to prevent her husband from having contact with his daughter despite the prior agreements.

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