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Could Kahana join Yisrael Beytenu? - analysis

Politically, Kahana is currently part of Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked's Yamina, but is widely expected to leave.

Will Shaked, Hendel and Kahana join forces for election?

A Shaked/Hendel partnership would give Yamina a significant boost ahead of the November 1 election. 

Israel elections: Bennett, Yamina's futures discussed in talks with Shaked

Yamina's future is uncertain, with Shaked and Matan Kahana split on key issues and the outgoing PM unsure whether to remain as party leader.


Kahana, Amsalem controversies - opinion

It is definitely time that the Knesset revamp the rules of conduct in the plenum and lay down proper sanctions against those in breach of them.

Was MK Matan Kahana right about his comments on Arabs? - editorial

Kahana's wording was out of place. Jewish and Arab Israelis are destined to live together.

Yamina MK Matan Kahana’s outlandish words in full context - analysis

That part of his speech was cut out of the 152-second clip that became public on Tuesday. To fill in the gap, Kahana tweeted his Facebook post from last month.


Both sides failed when Knesset failed to pass West Bank laws - analysis

Naftali Bennett's coalition and Benjamin Netanyahu's opposition went into Monday night’s votes with a clear goal, and they both failed.


Sa’ar closes door on a new coalition led by Netanyahu

Deals were offered to rebel MKs to quit * settler bill to return


Hadera Yeshiva rabbi alleges he was beaten by police near Western Wall

In response to his statement, Israel Police has claimed that he was arrested after violating orders and provoking police officers,

Israel cannot abandon the two state solution - editorial

It is time for Israel to strengthen its ties with moderate Palestinians and keep cooperating with pragmatic Israeli-Arabs.

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