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Bus driver works during the coronavirus outbreak, 2020

After months of delays, new public transport payment apps released

At the end of each month, the app calculates the best discounts based on the user's usage tendencies.


Two children killed in car crash near Jerusalem

On Saturday evening, Hadassah announced that Yair, the 10-year-old who was critically injured is in stable condition and fully conscious. The 25-year-old uncle is intubated and sedated.

Autonomous vehicle testing may be coming to Israel

New legislation promoted by Transportation Minister Miri Regev, could finally allow autonomous vehicle testing without a human driver being present in the vehicle during testing.

Public transport forum warns of switching to 'survival mode' in 10 days

Once this period ends, the companies will be forced to transfer to 'survival mode,' including substantial reductions to operations


Public transportation safety questioned amid Israel's reopening

Temperatures are not checked on buses or at bus stops and no one is responsible for making sure masks are on correctly, at least initially.


Buses to allow 75% capacity starting Thursday, trains return in June

Intercity buses will increase from 23 passengers to 46 passengers, and urban buses will increase from 20 to 49 passengers. Taxis will allow two people at a time.

Miri Regev, first female transport minister, fires D-G on maternity leave

Israel's first female transportation minister, Likud MK Miri Regev, garnered criticism early Friday morning for firing director-general Keren Turner-Eyal while on maternity leave.

Rav Kav

Rav-Kav travel card is leaving the station, replaced by apps, bracelets

The new system will monitor how users travel and will choose the cheapest option based on their travel at the end of each month.

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