Monkeypox is a disease caused by the monkeypox virus, itself a zoonotic disease that can infect certain animals, such as people. 

The disease itself is nothing new. It was first identified in monkeys in the 1950s and the first human case was confirmed in 1970.

Despite being related to the incredibly deadly smallpox, monkeypox tends to essentially manifest as a milder version. Monkeypox produces similar skin lesions as well as rashes and blisters. Also experienced are flu-like symptoms. It ends to last 2-4 weeks.

Though still endemic to several parts of Africa, the disease gained newfound infamy in 2022 when cases began cropping up worldwide.

Despite its name, monkeypox is not believed to actually come from monkeys and likely comes from African rodents.

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Biden administration to allow new injection method for monkeypox vaccine

The United States declared monkeypox a public health emergency last week, in an effort to bolster the US response to contain the outbreak.


Monkeypox: We cannot be complacent on LGBTQ+ health - opinion

The monkeypox outbreak has shown the LGBTQ+ community has specific needs, just like any community, and the next Israeli government must recognize and prioritize the challenges we face.


Monkeypox symptoms may look different than in past cases - study

WHO Europe has forecast just over 27,000 monkeypox cases in 88 countries by Aug. 2, up from 17,800 cases in nearly 70 countries at the latest count. 

Monkeypox emergency could last months, with window closing to stop spread, experts say

Action stemming from that declaration needs to be urgent, including increased vaccination, testing, isolation for those infected and contact tracing, global health experts said.


Monkeypox might be a new kind of STD, Israeli doctors say

After WHO declared a global health emergency, health officials recommend that at-risk populations use condoms during sexual activity.


Israel ups monkeypox vaccine shipment to 5K after WHO declaration

The original agreed-upon shipment of 2,000 vaccines was more than doubled on Horowitz's request • 105 Israeli men test positive for monkeypox as of Saturday

 Illustration shows a woman holding a mock-up vial labeled "Monkeypox vaccine" and medical syringe

WHO declares monkeypox a global health emergency

When the committee first met at the end of June, there were only about 3,000 cases.


Monkeypox: Israel to acquire 2,000 vaccines - Health Ministry

So far, in Israel, there are 90 registered monkeypox cases, none requiring hospitalization.

Monkeypox can contaminate surfaces, unclear if contagious - study

While scientists were able to identify monkeypox viral contamination on surfaces. However, they were unable to determine if one could actually contract the disease from these surfaces.


Current Monkeypox strain has more mutations than expected - study

The strain currently circulating diverges from the related earlier strains by an average of 50 mutations, about six to 12 more than one would expect.

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