mufti of jerusalem

Palestinian Grand Mufti meeting with Adolf Hitler.
Video footage shows Grand Mufti of Jerusalem doing Nazi salute with Hitler

The video was posted in an apparent response to comments made by US Rep. Rashida Tlaib in which she said she felt "a calming feeling" the Palestinians were able to "create a safe haven for Jews."

MUFTI OF JERUSALEM Mohammed Hussein (right) walks in front of the Dome of the Rock in 2007
Jerusalem mufti warns that Israeli excavations ‘endanger’ Al-Aksa

The mufti claimed that Israel was carrying out excavation works at the Umayyad palaces, under the northern part of the Islamic Museum, which is located west of al-Aksa Mosque.

Muslims pray on street
Fatah calls on Muslim worshippers to go to Temple Mount

“Set out for the al-Aqsa Mosque,” Fatah said on its official Facebook page, "break the Israeli siege that aims to change the historical sites of the holy city and judaize them.”

Border Police at sight of terror attack on Temple Mount July 14
PA President Abbas Condemns Temple Mount Terror Attack

The PA president rarely condemns attacks on Israelis.

Palestinian Grand Mufti meeting with Adolf Hitler.
TERRA INCOGNITA - The Palestinian mufti’s intersectionality with the Nazis

There is an intersection between the mufti and his Nazi camp visits and today’s hatred of Israel and Jewish symbols.

Haj Amin al-Husseini pictured visiting an unnamed German camp during World War II.
Auction house unveils previously unseen pictures of Mufti al-Husseini visiting German camp

More evidence emerges of the strong ties the Muslim leadership forged with officials from Nazi Germany.

A Palestinian woman prays on the first Friday of the holy fasting month of Ramadan, at the Temple Mo
Palestinian Authority bans public eating during Ramadan

The highest religious official in the Palestinian Authority, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, called on security forces to ensure compliance.

The 'Decent One' movie
Never-before-seen document penned by Nazi leader Himmler uncovered in Israel

The National Library has uncovered a telegram written by Heinrich Himmler and sent to Mufti al-Husseini, in which the Nazi leader expressed his support for the Arabs of Palestine.

Palestinians walk past the Dome of Rock at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem's Old City, on J
PA Grand Mufti says Jerusalem embassy move an 'assault' on Muslims

Palestinian Authority officials have been highly vocal in their objection to President-elect Trump's promise to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

Amin al-Husseini
PM: Thirst for destruction driving force of Arab terror for 100 years

Netanyahu deplored efforts to explain Arab terrorism as a result of despair and frustration during a speech at a ceremony marking the 100th birthday of former prime minister Yitzhak Shamir.

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