nature reserve

Ashkelon beach

Nearly 10% of marine life threatened with extinction -Red List

Years of environmental destruction are showing harsh possibilities for the future.


WATCH: Israel's mountain gazelle go for winter run near Jerusalem

As temperatures drop and winter sets in across Israel's capital, the Gazelle Valley urban park becomes a running track for the native mountain gazelle species.

A Hula painted frog

Think twice before making intimate contact with this toad

The US National Park System has issued a warning against licking a specific kind of toad found in the American southwest.

HOPEFULLY YOU will be welcomed by an ibex or two.

This ibex made himself at home at a hotel in Mitzpe Ramon

A nubian ibex entered a hotel room in Mitzpe Ramon this week, despite not having his name on the reservation.

Fat Bear Week 2022: Who is getting extra fluffy for winter?

Only the chunkiest bear will come out on top. Which will it be? Vote now at the Katmai National Parks website!

Brain-eating amoeba likely killed child in Nebraska

Further tests are being conducted to confirm that the amoeba involved was, in fact, Naegleria Fowleri. 

Exploring the biblical ruins of Tel Lachish

Tel Lachish was known as an important fortified city that was second only to Jerusalem in the Kingdom of Judea. 


White daffodils in full bloom at Golan Heights nature reserve

The Nov Meadow Nature Reserve's unique conditions make it a breeding ground for beautiful and strong-scented flowers.

Galilee Bedouin accuse National Park Authority of discrimination

The National Parks Authority is planning a nature reserve on land that the Bedouin have used to graze their livestock since Ottoman times.


Widow of terror victim loses ring in park, strangers help her find it

Shevach lost her late husband's wedding ring while visiting the Ein Prat Nature Reserve over the weekend, and thinking she would never see it again, she took to Facebook to mourn her loss.

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