parkinson treatment in israel

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  Parkinson's disease (illustrative)

3 ways to know if your Parkinson’s disease is advancing 

Do you have Parkinson's? There are three signs that the disease is progressing. Here’s how to manage them.

Nancy Van Der Stracten, 75-year-old suffering from Parkinson's disease, poses during a boxing practi

Can constipation be the key to early diagnosis of Parkinson's disease?

The research team has discovered a potential way to diagnose the disease up to 20-years prior using what may seem an unusual method: investigating and understanding the process behind constipation.

New technology passes cannabis to brain through blood-brain barrier

The new technology could potentially help with the development of treatments for a variety of diseases including Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, epilepsy, chronic pain and brain cancer.

Lightning strikes over the Beit Safafa neighborhood in Jerusalem, Oct. 14, 2019

Electrical activity in animals linked to lightening, researchers find

The link between biological electrical activity and global atmospheric electrical fields holds the potential to be used in a range of medical treatments, researchers at Tel Aviv U have said.

TAU unveils new method for detecting, delaying Parkinson's

There are close to one million Americans and 10 million people around the world affected by the disease. People die with Parkinson’s, not from; as symptoms worsen, they can cause incidents that result in death.

Brain stimulation used on a patient with Parkinsons

Brain stimulation improves walking stagnation in Parkinson’s patients

This method of brain stimulation is being widely used in a variety of studies dealing with disorders of the nervous system, such as stroke, chronic pain and depression.

At a time when one is feeling raw, a kind word and warm smile can make all the difference.

Sense and sensitivity

It is the moments of empathy and warmth when mourning a loved one that bring light into the darkness.

Zeev Aksman boxing coach

Punching Parkinson's

Boxing helps Jerusalemites fight the disease.


HU student develops tool for early detection of Parkinson’s

2017 Kaye Innovation Award won by Phd student Suaad Abd Elhadi for novel diagnostic tool.

Une fleur de passiflore

Le fruit de Jouvence

La passiflore intéresse particulièrement les chercheurs. Elle détiendrait en effet certaines vertus pour lutter contre le processus de vieillissement cérébral

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