Princeton University

Princeton students urge Hezbollah to release fellow student, pro-Iranian regime prof refuses to aid

Princeton students have raised the plight of a fellow student, Israeli grad student Elizabeth Tsurkov, who has been a Hezbollah hostage in Iraq since March 2023.

Israeli study links human activities, clouds, and climate

This research sheds light on this complex interplay, providing insights into the influence of pollution on weather patterns and broader climate dynamics.

Pulsating stars could hold clues to dark matter's secrets - study

Axions are expected to interact weakly with known particles, offering a plausible explanation for the secretive nature of dark matter.

Israel slams 'modern-day antisemitic blood libel' in Princeton syllabus

In a letter to the president and the dean of faculty at Princeton, Minister Amichai Chikli condemns the university’s promotion of a “blood libel.”

Ivy League universities are poisoned with antisemitism - opinion

Princeton, Harvard, Columbia, and other Ivy League universities are rife with antisemitism, both in class, in admissions, and on campus.

Princeton students taught that 'IDF harvests Palestinian organs' in course - report

Its upcoming fall semester class, Decolonizing Trauma Studies from the Global South, will be including the book The Healing Humanities: The Right to Maim by Jsbir Puar.

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