Israel's law enforcement uses spyware, AI to access private data - report

Expert remarks: "One can expect that systemic and robust invasion of privacy, in the name of national security, shall become the prevailing norm."

Public Defender's Office slams state for abuse of power in hacking cell phones

Public Defender's Office issued its annual report slamming the state for abuse of power in hacking suspect's cell phones and a variety of other areas.

Qatar's mandatory apps for World Cup attendees are security nightmare - experts

As the World Cup is set to kick off next week and 1,5 million fans are expected to arrive in Qatar, security experts are sending a warning about the mandatory apps issued by the Qatari government.

New Israeli startup to keep prying eyes from your phone

Mobile technology startup Unplugged empowers consumers to communicate and browse online while protecting their privacy from unwanted monitoring and analysis.

Workplace surveillance is a mixed bag - opinion

From the time of the Industrial Revolution, employers have been distrustful of employees and have repeatedly found it necessary to implement systems devoted to monitoring and surveillance.


WhatsApp will let you hide your 'online' status in new privacy update

The instant messaging service has unveiled three new privacy features, with the aim of making chats "as private as face-to-face conversations."

Iranian flag and cyber code [Illustrative]

Iranian hackers leak info of over 300,000 Israelis from tourism sites

Iranian hacker group Sharp Boys obtained personal data from over 20 Israeli tourism sites.

Israeli start-up Darrow aims to fix justice system using data

Users typically don’t notice when their rights are being infringed upon by corporations. This is where companies like Darrow come in.

Secret CIA surveillance program collected records of US citizens

Two US senators said the CIA had kept a bulk surveillance program secret from the public and Congress.


The Israeli public has a right to know about illegal surveillance - opinion

Civilians should have the tools to sue for such infringements on their privacy.

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