Dividing cancer cell

IDF soldiers who work with radar, Iron Dome at risk of cancer - study

The team suggested that IDF soldiers working with Hawk missiles, David’s sling batteries, Iron Dome, Arrow missiles and Patriot batteries could all expose them to excessive radiation. 

If Putin uses nuclear weapons, how can we treat radiation poisoning?

A Haifa company named Pluristem has been researching ARS for years and found a way to cope. 

NASA's Artemis I Mission set to launch with Israeli radiation experiment

Israel's StemRad vest is being tested onboard NASA's Orion spacecraft in the Artemis I Mission to see if it can protect astronauts from space radiation on future Moon missions.


Scientists capture massive cosmic explosion from neutron star merger - study

Gamma-ray bursts are some of the brightest, most energetic and most powerful types of explosions that can occur, releasing as much power as a Sun's lifetime in a few seconds.


A third of Russians believe Sun revolves around Earth - survey

One in five Russians believes that humans coexisted with dinosaurs.

Ukraine War: Russians caused Chernobyl nuclear radiation levels to rise - report

Russian troops entered storage facilities and dug trenches in the irradiated Red Forest leading to radiation that will cause them to experience sickness, state-run nuclear agency Energoatom said.


Dental developmental anomalies differ in childhood cancer patients - study

Researchers found that combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy indicated an increased risk of DDA.

Russia-Ukraine war: Chernobyl nuclear plant loses power, leaks imminent - Kuleba

IAEA has been notified. * Germany has no knowledge of radiation leaking. * France in contact with IAEA to assess the situation.


Ukraine reports higher Chernobyl radiation after Russians capture plant

The agency said the change was due to the movement of heavy military equipment in the area.


Israeli tech to find distant star explosions releasing gamma-ray bursts

Called GALI and made by researchers from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, the experiment is one of 35 that are part of Israel's Rakia mission.

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