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Putting science back into the nuclear debate

The world is naturally radioactive place, and every person is exposed to between 2-3mSv (millisieverts) every year.

Doctor inspects an x-ray, illustrative

Technion researchers develop new radiation sources

The radiation sources may reduce costs by replacing current, expensive facilities.

Israeli bride Shiklar poses for a wedding photo in front of an Iron Dome rocket launcher

IDF sued for 'very strong' radiation exposure from Iron Dome facility

Five years after the Iron Dome battery was installed, kibbutz residents were told by the IDF not to approach the area surrounding the facility, due to strong radiation emitted by the battery.

A view shows burning trees and a road covered in heavy smoke in the exclusion zone around Chernobyl

Wildfires stir up radiation near Chernobyl

Wildfires break out in the area often, but the fires currently blazing after a warm and dry winter are much larger than the usual blazes

Israeli radiation protection vest blasts off to Int'l Space Station

StemRad is behind the AstroRad vest, offering personal protective equipment for astronauts to wear beyond low Earth orbit, mitigating space radiation exposure outside the Earth’s magnetosphere.


Pluristem gets positive results from radiation treatment trials

“We believe that this outcome is an important contribution to protect the armed and medical forces which may need to enter contaminated areas,” Chief Executive Officer Yaky Yanay said.

StemRad radiation protection

Spotlight on Israeli startups - StemRad - radiation protection

StemRad has created innovative solutions to protect individuals from radiation exposure.

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