Did scientists find a reptile that walked with dinosaurs? - study

Archaeologists have uncovered a fossilized skeleton of a small ancient reptile that is long gone, but one direct relative still thrives in New Zealand.

Alligators in this lake have started to attack people – and it's unclear why

Alligator attacks are highly unusual for the area, according to locals.

Snakes on a plane: Youth caught with reptiles at Ben-Gurion

Three suspects, all in their 20's, were carrying hundreds of reptiles, including rare ones, and turtles in their luggage.

Climate change caused massive waves of evolution in reptiles - study

Reptiles evolved at an alarming rate to suit themselves to changes in climate, Harvard study finds

Plesiosaurs inhabited freshwater in Morocco, researchers find - study

Fossils discovered in Morocco indicate that the ancient marine reptiles were adapted to freshwater conditions and may have spent their entire lives there.

2,000 reptile species under threat of extinction - study

50% of all turtle and crocodile species face the threat of extinction. The new assessment will enable researchers to understand the conservation needs of threatened species.

Ancient 'Dragon of Death' flying reptile discovered in Argentina

The new specimen of ancient flying reptile, or pterosaur, measured around 30 feet (9 meters) long and lived 86 million years ago alongside dinosaurs.


Squamates were present on Earth for longer than previously thought - study

Although the Squamata is the largest order of reptiles, made up of over 10,000 different species, their evolutionary origins are not yet well understood.

Over 21% of reptiles are at risk of extinction - study

Although reptiles benefit from generalized conservation efforts, targeted measures are urgently needed to protect some of the most threatened species

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