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American forensic expert to testify in Zadorov retrial

Dr. Francisco Diaz will testify that blood can leak from a body hours after death and that Tair Rada was murdered with a serrated blade.

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Prosecution reindicts Zadorov despite his release to house arrest

State ignores signals from Supreme Court to drop the case.

Grapevine August 29, 2021: Playing by numbers

Movers and shakers in Israeli society.

Roman Zadorov released to house arrest after 15 years

Judge Stein noted three cumulative conditions for house arrest, including an electronic bracelet and a ban on receiving visitors at the place of his detention.

Roman Zadorov

Prosecution to appeal release of Zadorov to house arrest

The prosecution requested that the district court grant it a 48-hour postponement of Zadorov’s release for it to have time to appeal to the Supreme Court.

Roman Zadorov

Court orders Zadorov released to house arrest pending retrial

Nazareth District Court ruled that Roman Zadorov, convicted for the 2006 killing of eighth-grader Tair Rada at her school, should be moved from jail to house arrest, state expected to appeal.

Roman Zadorov

Melcer: Court won't go according to public opinion in Zadorov retrial

Zadorov will remain in prison until the retrial begins.

Convicted killer of Tair Rada.

State Attorney announces retrial for Zadorov in Tair Rada murder case

Zadorov, convicted twice of murdering Tair Rada at the Nofei Golan Middle School in Katzrin, has been the subject of great controversy and speculation, as doubts have been raised regarding his guilt.

Roman Zadorov

Former Shin Bet deputy director claims police framed Roman Zadorov

"I came to an unequivocal conclusion – Roman Zadorov is innocent" • state attorney Amit Eisman to decide next week whether to hold a retrial or to dismiss the charges

Roman Zadorov

Roman Zadorov to receive retrial in Tair Rada murder case

"Facts, or evidence, have been discovered that may change the outcome of the trial in favor of the applicant," outgoing Supreme Court deputy chief justice Hanan Melcer noted in his decision.

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