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Ron Arad operation: Mossad extracted DNA from body in Lebanon - report

An Iranian general was kidnapped and interrogated for information on Ron Arad in Syria, and DNA was tested from Lebanon in operations to locate the long-missing soldier.

If Bennett doesn't tell, Mossad operation will be a failure - analysis

Regardless of what actually happened, if Bennett does not reveal some concrete partial success, Mossad's operation will be recorded in history as a failure.

Why wasn't Russia involved in the Mossad Ron Arad operation? - analysis

How come Israel didn't seek Russian involvement with the search for Ron Arad in Syria, since Vladimir Putin helped locate the others?

Is the Ron Arad announcement tied to Iran's hitman in Cyprus? - analysis

Naftali Bennett’s reveal of Mossad op to find Ron Arad may be related to Iran's attempted assassination of an Israeli businessman.

Ron Arad's fate - editorial

PM Naftali Bennett announced on Monday that the Mossad had embarked on an operation to discover the whereabouts of Ron Arad.

Mossad abducted an Iranian general during Ron Arad operation - report

London-based Arabic newspaper Rai al-Youm claimed that Mossad abducted an Iranian general in Syria during its operation last month.

Missing IAF navigator Ron Arad in captivity after his jet went down in Lebanon in 1986

Mossad effort to find new Ron Arad information ends inconclusively

Bennett told the Knesset on Monday he authorized a Mossad operation for the airman, who has been missing since 1986.

34 years after capture, Ron Arad's wife: 'Let's not repeat same mistakes'

In a moving Facebook post, Tami Arad recalled early years of hope and despair waiting for her husband to return home.

Missing IAF navigator Ron Arad in captivity after his jet went down in Lebanon in 1986

33 years on: Israel remembers Ron Arad

October 16th marked 33 years since Israeli Air Force Navigator Ron Arad was taken captive in Lebanon in 1986 after his plane went down during a bombing mission over southern Lebanon.


Ron Arad’s pilot retires from El Al

Event comes week before 31st anniversary of fateful crash.

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