Russian Immigrants

Russian Immigrants

Russian Jews are trying to make their way over to Israel - editorial

The fear of a rise in antisemitism inside of Russia has many Russian Jews immigrating to Israel, trying to find a way out.

Where have Russians been fleeing to since mobilization began? - explainer

As numbers of those fleeing Russia increase, the numbers seem nearly impossible to track. Thanks to new flight data, the world can better understand where Russians are seeking refuge.


Kremlin rejects reports that 700,000 have fled Russia

Russia was informed via diplomatic channels that there were no plans to invite Moscow to join an investigation into Nord Stream gas leaks.


Is the Israeli gov't not taking Russian aliyah seriously? - activists

The Million Lobby, an organization representing young Russian-speaking immigrants in Israel, launched a campaign calling Prime Minister Yair Lapid to understand the failure at absorbing the olim.


Number of Russians entering EU jumps 30% in a week, border agency says

Frontex said that over the last four days alone, 30,000 Russian citizens had arrived in Finland.


Jewish Agency in Russia stops sharing information with Israeli office - exclusive

The Jewish Agency in Russia is keeping information close due to national information-sharing laws.


'The Arc of Our History': Pivotal moments in Israeli history - review

Stanley Ringler engaged in the development of political support groups, political education programs, and lobbying in Israel and the US.


‘Perestroika in Haifa’: Exhibit brings immigration from USSR into focus

A new exhibition at the Haifa City Museum highlights the experiences of the Soviet-Israeli community, which has played a major role in the port city's history.

'Bring vodka:' Shas MK blasted for racist comments towards Yesh Atid MK

"What national pride have you brought? An interior minister convicted of accepting bribes and sitting in jail?" MK Vladimir Beliak said, as Shas MKs yelled "Vodka, vodka" from the opposition benches.

Yuli Edelstein Russia

71% of Russian speakers feel inadequately represented in gov't - poll

"Many stigmas still accompany us and Russian speakers are not adequately represented in most sectors of the Israeli economy."

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