Pascale’s Kitchen: Lots and lots of vegetables

Cooked vegetable dishes and salads are usually considered side dishes that accompany a heavier main dish, especially when it comes to festive meals. 

Pascale’s Kitchen: Yummy family favorites

This week, I am bringing you a recipe for a fresh artichoke heart salad.

Pascale’s Kitchen: Fresh salads for Seder night

This week, I’m bringing you recipes for easy salads that can be made at the last minute, and served at your table at the Seder or the other Passover meals. 

Pascale’s Kitchen: Paella and other single-dish delights

For this week's recipes, we have a tasty paella, a colorful bulgur salad and an all-time favorite apple and wine pie recipe.

Pascale’s Kitchen: Salads, salads & more salads

Below, you will find three of my favorite salad dressing recipes, all of which are easy to throw together, and also all keep for a while in the fridge.

Claremont salad.

Schmaltz is the secret ingredient you need for your salad

While my chicken is resting post-roast, I tip the pan, letting the schmaltz and pan juices run into a spouted measuring cup, which I keep by the stove until I’m ready to use it.


Pascale's Kitchen: Summer salads

This week, I am bringing to you recipes for four salads that do not include tomatoes, cucumbers and onion, as typical Israeli salad recipes do.

What kind of salads did the Canaanites eat?

The researchers analyzed more than 3,500 plant finds and identified emmer, lentils, pistachio, grass peas, figs, olives, flax, barley and grapes, among others.


Pascale's Kitchen: Spicy salads

To make these salads properly, continue cooking the vegetables until all the water has been absorbed and a strong spicy aroma wafts from the pot.

Chef Jamie Oliver poses during a photocall at the annual MIPCOM television program market in Cannes

Naked Chef Jamie Oliver breaks bread in Jerusalem

The Naked Chef covered up to enjoy an Israeli breakfast in Jerusalem.

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