A medical technologist tests a respiratory panel at Northwell Health Labs
BGU student creates app to accelerate coronavirus vaccine trials

Daniel Iluz-Freundlich, a second-year medical student at Ben-Gurion University, developed app that will help find and register coronavirus patients for clinical trials.

An illustration, created at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), depicts the 2019 N
Blacklight experiment shows how coronavirus spreads on surfaces - WATCH

The subject was then brought in to a make shift buffet alongside nine other people at which point they acted as they typically would in a restaurant.

Woman shouting (illustrative)
Loud speech can leave coronavirus in air for up to 14 minutes - study

As Israelis are notoriously loud, it is perhaps in their own interest to continue wearing masks to stop the spread of the virus and "lower the curve."

An illustration, created at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), depicts the 2019 N
Normal speech may spread coronavirus, twin antibodies may help fight virus

The following is a brief roundup of the latest scientific studies on the novel coronavirus and efforts to find treatments and vaccines for COVID-19, the illness caused by the virus.

Researchers engage in excavations at Bacho Kiro Cave in Bulgaria
Bulgarian fossils show early arrival of Homo sapiens into Europe

The research pushes back by thousands of years the arrival of Homo sapiens in Europe, a milestone in the history of a species that arose in Africa about 300,000 years ago and then spread worldwide.

TAU identifies method to increase chances of pregnancy through IVF

With the new advances, fertility doctors will be able to hand-select the healthiest and quality sperm for artificial insemination, in effect increasing a woman's chance of becoming pregnant.

Prof. Moran Bercovici, Dr. Federico Paratore, Vesna Bacheva and Dr. Govind Kaigala - Group photo via
New method of separating particles could lead to improved COVID-19 test

The finding has been hailed as “a fundamentally significant contribution to the field that only comes along every 10-20 years."

Scientists find potential coronavirus treatment in llamas

Like the others at the farm, Winter's blood produces a special disease-fighting antibody that so far have shown promise in protecting cells from the coronavirus.

Coronavirus: Mass temperature scan? Israeli company has the solution

An automated solution to how to check the body temperature of many visitors that can also be installed at mall entrances is offered by an Israeli company, ASI Technologies

Israeli researchers develop anti-coronavirus coating for surfaces

The cooperation between the different expertise of the scientists involved proved to be a key for the success of the study.

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