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BGU program promoting girls in STEM wins Astronautical Federation G3 prize

The G3 award is granted yearly to organizations who work for diversity in the field of space research and have shown excellent results.


Hebrew University researchers discover the taste of heavy water

While it is not radioactive, heavy water is highly coveted for its unique atomic structure and properties, which allow it to be used in the production of nuclear power and weapons.

Bats 'know' the speed of sound from birth, TAU researchers say

What would the world look like if space was mapped not by distance, but by time?

Species of animal is able to regenerate organs fully following dissection

The tubular ascidians, commonly found in the coral reefs of Eilat, are considered to be the invertebrates "closest to humans from an evolutionary point of view."

Yanir Edri wins the silver medal at the Olympics.

Israeli high-school student wins silver medal at Baltic Computer Olympics

Held online this year, the competition was attended by 12 competing representatives from each country.

A chimpanzee eats the traditional Matza (unleavened bread) in preparation for Passover

Humans and apes could have more shared history than we thought - study

New research into a fossil from 3.67 million years ago has indicated that early humans were still swinging from trees alongside apes, long after they had already developed the ability to walk.

A plastinated fetus is seen during the exhibition "Body Worlds" by Gunther von Hagen in Rome

Complex pre-natal surgery can prevent a life of paralysis, says UK's NHS

At least 32 spina bifida surgeries, sometimes requiring 30 doctors to carry out, have so far been performed.

Pluristem’s placenta cells induce body to create new blood cells - study

Pluristem's PLX-R18 aims to stimulate the regenerative potential of the bone marrow to enhance the production of all three blood cell lineages: hemoglobin, neutrophil and platelet counts.


Infant galaxy discovered with help of natural cosmic telescope - study

A rotating infant galaxy from the early days of the universe has been observed by astronomers for the first time, and it could considerably change the way in which we understand the universe.


Epilepsy research provides answer as to why some seizures are so deadly

New research around epilepsy-related death reveals for the first time why some seizures are more deadly than others.

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