Taylor Force

Editorial: No paying for slaying

If Israel wants the US and other countries to recognize its sovereignty over the Golan, it needs to take its sovereignty seriously.

Hail Stawi, killed in a terrorist attack on the Temple Mount, is buried in the village of Maghar, Ju
Ending ‘Pay to Slay’ payments for the sake of peace

"The Palestinian Authority is sending a very clear message that violence and bloodshed will pay and enrich, while peace and reconciliation will not."

Why Israel’s version of ‘pay-for-slay’ law is weak

Had Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman and Education Minister Naftali Bennett not stood up to Netanyahu, the bill would not be coming to a final vote in the Knesset on Monday evening.

Murdered U.S. vet's father hopes anti-terror funding bill will bring peace

“I am glad to be here for this vote, because it means a lot,” Force said. “Pay-for-slay is just not right. It has to go away in order to make this a peaceful region."

Taylor Force
Father of Taylor Force coming to Israel for vote

Taylor Force’s murder led to the March 2018 passage of the Taylor Force Act in both houses of Congress, which cuts US aid to the PA until it stops paying terrorists and their families.

White House warns Palestinians of aid cut without end to ‘martyr’ payments

Trump has called for a broad review of all US foreign aid, including of aid to the Palestinians.

palestine prisoner
Is Netanyahu stonewalling ‘pay-to-slay’ bill?

The Prime Minister has pushed and praised the legislation that would require the government to deduct PA payments to terrorists from the taxes it owes the authority. But will he follow through?

Taylor Force
ANALYSIS: Lies no longer count as diplomacy

Despite all costs thus far, the PA have persistently clung to their “Pay for Slay.”

Palestinian terrorists' income per month chart
PA lifts ‘disguise’ on ‘martyr’ payments, defying Taylor Force Act

This year, the commission that finances payments to terrorists and their families was returned to the PA budget, shortly after the US passed the Taylor Force Act.

Taylor Force
Curing the Palestinian schizophrenia

In the face of the enactment of the Taylor Force Act the current entrenched Palestinian leadership now has some difficult choices to make.

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