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Thousands Protest Knesset's surrogacy bill on Saturday night in Tel Aviv
Thousands protest Knesset's surrogacy bill’s exclusion of gay couples

According to legislation, gay couples are not entitled to state-supported surrogacy.

harel skaat 248.88
Israeli pop star to gay youth: Don't enlist in IDF

Harel Skaat slams Shaked over gov't opposition to same-sex couples adopting children

Tel Aviv Pride participants enjoying the celebrations, June 9 2017.
Tens of thousands pack Tel Aviv streets for LGBT Pride Parade

Tel Aviv Pride Parade is not just a celebration.

Gay marriage
Wide support for gay marriage as Israel celebrates Pride

“The gulf between the Israeli public will and the government’s policies is widening.”

Tel Aviv’s 2016 LBGTQ Pride Parade
Evita Pride Edition: Tel Aviv's last gay bar is BACK and hotter than ever

With alcohol aplenty, Evita is promising "a journey you won't soon forget."

Hovi Star
Israel's representative to Eurovision stopped in Russia for 'being gay'

Russian authorities deny that Hovi Star's sexual orientation was connected to the incident which took place at passport control.

Gay Pride 2015
Pride paints White City rainbow and illuminates its transgender community

While transgender and transsexual people still seemed to be a minority at the parade, the event’s focus on that community was markedly celebrated.

Gay Pride Parade in Tel Aviv
Gay Pride Parade draws 180,000 to Tel Aviv

Several main streets in town are closed as parade goes from Gan Meir to Charles Clore Park.

Madonna post pic of Jewish and Muslim man about to kiss
Behind the Lens: Madonna's controversial Instagram photo

Photographer Ziv Sade talks about his famous photo that is raising eyebrows around the internet.

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