The International Fellowship of Christian and Jews

An emergency grant by The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews enables soup kitchen meal
IFCJ grant enables soup kitchen deliveries for Israelis during lockdown

As Israel’s social welfare systems struggle to keep up with extraordinary demand due to coronavirus, the IFCJ implements measures ‘above and beyond’ the aid they’ve provided to Israel for decades.

The Fellowship has contacted thousands of seniors in order to map the urgent needs and is coordinati
IFCJ takes extraordinary measures to help Israel fight coronavirus

The current crisis has forced American Jewish organizations to focus tremendous additional resources on the severe and growing needs facing their communities and their vital networks of institutions.

Israeli hospitals to benefit from $2 million grant to fight coronavirus

The money was donated through the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, an organisation set up to facilitate better understanding between the two groups.

IFCJ Global Vice President Yael Eckstein with a Holocaust survivor
Eckstein tours IFCJ’s South security projects

With nearly $45 million deployed, president of fellowship to ask supporters for more

Here and There: Are we a people who look a gift horse in the mouth?

Yechiel Eckstein was a man who recognized the urgent necessity to help Jews in need – in Israel and throughout the world.

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
Israeli-American Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein dies at 67

Eckstein raised over $1.3 billion, and until his death raised more than $140 million a year, mostly from Evangelicals, to assist Israel and the Jewish people.

Investing in the next generation: IFCJ building new headquarters in J'lem

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is building new Jerusalem headquarters. The building is also the Fellowship’s way of investing in the next generation of Christians and Jews.

New Olim from Ukraine, December 24th, 2018.
250 Ukrainian Jews last Israeli immigrants of 2018: Aliyah is a blessing

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews brought close to 4,800 immigrants to Israel from 29 different countries in 2018.

Keeping the faith

The upcoming tribute show hosted by CBN and The Fellowship is a celebration not just of Israel, but of the strong bonds between Jews and Christians

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