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NYT writer accused of promoting Iran's policies in US

Since 2007, Afrasiabi has been paid around $265,000 by the Iranian government and has lobbied a US Congressman and the US State Department.

THE NEW York Times Building in Manhattan

Over 100 people protest 'New York Times' antisemitism

'The New York Times' has since dropped the syndication service that supplied the antisemitic cartoon.

'NY Times' flubs Israeli political ad caption

Blue and White contrasted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his far-Right allies with party leader Benny Gantz and his party members, offering the popular slogan "The Nation of Israel Lives."

The New York Times building in midtown New York

Billboard across from 'NYT' building highlights paper's Israel coverage

The billboard reads “While Hamas firebombs Israel… The New York Times inflames with biased coverage.”

JILL ABRAMSON gives a commencement address in North Carolina in 2014. (Jason Miczek/Reuters)

The business of news

Former ‘New York Times’ editor Jill Abramson takes a provocative and controversial look at the state of journalism


NYT: African Al Qaeda terrorists invoke Palestinian conflict as battle cry

The report correlates Israeli diplomacy with the cause of terrorists throughout Africa.

U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), with Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI)

Discordant voices aren’t going away

As Michelle Alexander makes clear, for her and many others, silence in the face of more than 50 years of occupation and settlement expansion is no longer an option.


Eilat ranked sixth-best place to visit

The opening of the new Ramon Airport opened Israel's most southern city to the wider public.

A relative mourns during the funeral of Palestinian nurse Razan Al-Najar.

NYT: Killing of Palestinian medic ‘reckless at best, possibly a war crime’

A video released by the IDF in June appears to show Razan Najjar throwing a smoke grenade into an open area and announcing that she is offering herself as a human shield.

An ignorant ‘New York Times’ trashes the Maccabees

The Hasmonean revolt was not a fundamentalist- religious movement sworn to the destruction of liberal Western ideologies.

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