Two State Solution Israel

Bennett slams Lapid: No logic bringing up Palestinian statehood

From Meretz on the Left to the Religious Zionist Party on the right, Israeli politicians were quick to respond to Lapid's historic statement.

Israel wants two-state solution to Palestinian conflict, Lapid to tell UN

In his address, Lapid will explain that “separating from the Palestinians has to be part of the nation’s vision.” 

Israel came out on top in Gaza op, but Hamas won diplomatically - former general

A war will not solve Israel's problem in Gaza, according to Matan Vilnai, CEO of Commander's for Israel's Security (CIS).

Biden's Israel visit reiterates his views on the two state solution - opinion

Biden said that while he advocated the two state solution, he was aware it would not materialize anytime soon.


Biden: I support two states based on pre-1967 lines

To help improve Palestinian day-to-day life, Biden said, he was pledging an additional $200 million to the United Relief and Works Agency.

US General who wrote Israel-Palestine security plan investigated for ties to Qatar

Allen is credited with building the framework for a security plan if Israel and Palestinian groups were to come to a peace agreement.

Israel won't build settlements that'll prevent two-states - Lapid

FM Yair Lapid says Israel won't build anything that will prevent a future two-state solution, but homes will be built in existing settlements.

Colin Powell: Quintessential officer, gentleman, true friend to Israel

Powell was always calm, determined, focused, and emphasized that the US would always care for Israel’s interests.


IDF to hold hearing on contentious E1 settler building project

Left wing organizations, as well as the international community, see the project as harmful to Palestinians, while the right sees it as a security insurance policy.

No Palestinian state under Bennett-led government, FM says

It's not possible for a two-state resolution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict while the government is led by Naftali Bennett, Yair Lapid told Channel 11.

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