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Stop celebrating ‘victory’ over Ben & Jerry’s - opinion

The ice cream saga began when the board of B&J ruled that its ice cream could no longer be sold across the Green Line – that’s to say, to Israelis living there.


Ben & Jerry's sues parent Unilever to block sale of Israeli business

The multi-national ice cream company said its board voted 5-2 to sue, with the two Unilever appointees dissenting.


Lessons of Ben & Jerry's: Boycotting Israel isn't low-risk - opinion

Businesses should follow a similar model to ensure they aren’t hijacked by antisemitic actors such as what occurred with Ben & Jerry’s.

BEN & JERRY'S has succumbed to BDS pressure and will no longer sell its ice cream in the West Bank

Ben & Jerry’s: Israel boycott intact, local brand not part of company

Last July, the company stated that it would no longer allow its products to be distributed to Israelis in the West Bank and east Jerusalem.

 An ice cream assembly line at the Ben & Jerry's factory near Kiryat Malachi, July 2021

Ben & Jerry's cancels plan to stop sales in Israel

Last year, Ben & Jerry's announced it would stop sales in east Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Ben & Jerry's ice cream (Illustrative)

Dispute over claim Ben & Jerry's makes workers watch videos on Israel, Palestinians

It remains a point of contention whether Israel lecture videos are part of mandatory job training, but all parties agree Ben & Jerry’s does provide lectures on the subject to employees.

Unilever shareholder sues over Ben & Jerry's Israel boycott

Ben & Jerry's announced last July it would stop selling its products in the West Bank and parts of east Jerusalem.


The story of Unilever’s war on the Jewish state - opinion

If the capture of Unilever by antisemitic radicals is allowed to stand, we can assume that many similarly placed companies will bow to the pressure.

 An ice cream assembly line at the Ben & Jerry's factory near Kiryat Malachi, July 2021

Ben & Jerry's contract is discriminatory - US product company

American Quality Products' legal representation filed a rebuttal to Unilever's plan to cease distribution to the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

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