Winston Churchill

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‘Winston’s hiccup’ and the Jewish homeland

Churchill’s drinking habits were usually incidental to his political activities, although an exception to this is contained in a bizarre story concerning events in the Middle East about 100 years ago


Netanyahu is no Winston Churchill, no matter how much he thinks he is

There is a facet of the Churchill leadership legacy that seems to escape the prime minister: being able to relate to his subjects and leading by example.

Churchill statue desecrated during London protests

Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill's memorial was vandalised by protesters with the word 'racist' scribbled on the monument.


Grapevine April 19 2020: Still singing to boost public morale

Now at age 103, she's singing it once more, this time not for the military troops and doctors and nurses in the battlefields, but for the doctors, nurses and patients caught up in COVID-19.

Churchill’s definition of Belgium: ‘A manufactured country’

“Usury” was the grounds for deportation of the Jews of Antwerp by the Duke of Brabant in 1261, who called for them to be expelled or destroyed.

Winston Churchill

Examining the boundaries of power

The results of our second elections present a last opportunity for reflection and change.


Roberts’ Churchill: On courage, destiny and the miracles of history

The book, as well as about Churchill’s lonely but firm stand against antisemitism in the UK and his attitude towards Jews and Israel.

Winston Churchill

Destined for greatness: A new biography of Winston Churchill

The latest Churchill biography manages to be both engaging and scrupulously researched.

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