Winston Churchill

Churchill’s definition of Belgium: ‘A manufactured country’

“Usury” was the grounds for deportation of the Jews of Antwerp by the Duke of Brabant in 1261, who called for them to be expelled or destroyed.

Winston Churchill
Examining the boundaries of power

The results of our second elections present a last opportunity for reflection and change.

Roberts’ Churchill: On courage, destiny and the miracles of history

The book, as well as about Churchill’s lonely but firm stand against antisemitism in the UK and his attitude towards Jews and Israel.

Winston Churchill
Destined for greatness: A new biography of Winston Churchill

The latest Churchill biography manages to be both engaging and scrupulously researched.

The statue of former Prime Minister Winston Churchill is silhouetted in front of parliament
Netanyahu’s pandering to Trump a serious threat

It’s been two weeks since Prime Minister and Defense Minister (let’s skip all the other ministerial titles he currently holds) Benjamin Netanyahu’s cynical, doom-laden speech.

Netanyahu jokes: Investigations most interesting part of job as PM

The prime minister showed off his wittier side during a 40-minute interview in Washington, DC.

Accomplices to the Holocaust

Recent research has shown that British and American planes stationed in Italy in 1944 could easily have struck Auschwitz. In fact, they were flying missions nearby and as far away as Warsaw.

 British Home Secretary Winston Churchill is escorted by High Commissioner Herbert Samuel, in Jerusa
Comment: How a visit to Israel changed Churchill's outlook

The statesman had honest look at Israel during his stay, BDS activists need to do the same.

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