American-Israelis explain how they cast their votes in the US election

Four Trump supporters and four Biden supporters explain how they voted and what Israeli and American issues they voted on.

American, Israeli flags. (photo credit: REUTERS)
American, Israeli flags.
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Eight American-Israelis who voted or are voting in the US Presidential elections next week explained why they voted the way they voted in a video compiled by the Jerusalem Press Club.
The video features four men who explain why they are voting for US President Trump and three women and one man who explain why they chose to vote for Democratic nominee Joe Biden. The people in the video touched on issues relating to Israel and to the US.
Some of those supporting Biden are doing so because he is "not Trump." Despite the fact that one woman described Biden as "moderately adequate and acceptably ok," it was important for her to "get [Trump] out of office and restore some hope to the country."
Others support Biden because they see him as the candidate who will be best for America. One person described Biden as the candidate who represents "unifying the American people, supporting freedom of press, listening to medical experts when it comes to dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and condemning incitement."
Another person said that she is voting for Biden because he is the "one who believes in science and is not a misogynist."
A few of those supporting Trump said that they are doing so because of their perception of what Trump has done for Israel. One Trump supporter called Trump a "true friend of Israel," saying that he believes Trump is happy that the man "is living in [his] homeland" in a small Jewish community in the Hebron Hills. A few of those supporting Trump mentioned his move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem as an example of this support.
One Trump supporter also touched on domestic US issues stating that he supports Trump because he sees him as tough on illegal immigration and good for the economy and tax reforms for small business.