Live from New York: Sanders and David team up for SNL skit

US presidential candidate had a brief cameo with 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' comedian in a skit about immigrating to America.

Bernie Sanders and Larry David on SNL
Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders appeared on "Saturday Night Live" next to comedian Larry David on this week's episode of the late-night comedy series.
Sanders had a brief cameo with David in a skit about immigrating to America. David, who is famous for producing "Seinfeld" and starring in "Curb Your Enthusiasm" - shows known for their self-deprecating styles of humor - brought a new comic edge to the race to the White House.
David reintroduced his Bernie Sanders character in the newest SNL spoof "Bern Your Enthusiasm," which situates personalities from his own show around a narrative about Sanders' run in the primary election. It features all of the emblematic quirks and idiosyncrasies that have come to be synonymous with David in his assumed character as the democratic presidential hopeful.

Larry David stars as Bernie Sanders in "Bern Your Enthusiasm."

Posted by Saturday Night Live on Sunday, February 7, 2016
Sanders' appearance on SNL marks a trend among presidential challengers, as both former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump previously made appearances on the show as well.