There have recently been calls for radical action regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict, which is in fact one of the most minor conflicts in the Middle East. There is noise to the effect that resolutions should be passed in the UN Security Council that will force a "peace" on Israel, resolutions that are basically inimical to Israel, down-right immoral and even dangerous to the Jewish state.

The U.N. is basically a forum hostile to Israel. Abba Eban, the legendary foreign minister of Israel (1966 – 1974) once quipped: “If Algeria introduced a resolution declaring that the earth was flat and that Israel had flattened it, it would pass by a vote of 164 to 13 with 26 abstentions.” The Arab-Islamic bloc and allies have an automatic majority in the U.N. There have been more resolutions against Israel than any other country, and probably more than all other countries specifically censured, combined. Although Israel should naturally be part of the Asian group of nations in the UN – the Arab states have always blocked that, so today Israel is part of the West European and Others Group. Israel is probably the only member state of the UN that has its right to exist denied and attacked regularly by other member states.

The UN is like the Land of Oz: there are witches, some good, and most bad. There are cowardly lions, like most European countries who abstain rather than vote against anti-Israeli resolutions. These are the descendants of European imperialists who invaded our country, from Greece, who desecrated our Temple 2,170 years ago, to the Romans who destroyed our Holy City of Jerusalem and Temple 1,946 years ago. Europeans persecuted us throughout history, culminating in the Holocaust. Another European empire – the British – reneged on their obligations to facilitate the re-establishment of the Jewish Home, closing the Holy Land to Jews just as the darkness of evil covered Europe and engulfed six million Jews. These cowardly-lions buckle under Arab pressure (or perhaps succumb to their "bad-witch" proclivity of hating the Jewish nation) and regularly condemn Jews for building homes in their homeland, as if all the damage they did to us in the past up until and including the Holocaust hasn't been enough!

The UN also has heartless Tin-Men, countries who will vote against reason, justice or truth, if it serves their interests.

There are also the scarecrows without a brain. Many good-intentioned people, especially in the West, have little real knowledge of the Middle East, but that doesn't prevent them from having and expressing their opinions as if they were Mr. Know-it-all!

And there's Dorothy: Israel, who says there's no place like home, that she awakened from a slumber of neglect and waste.

In his first inaugural address, President Obama stated, "To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history". That properly describes almost all of the countries in the Middle East, except Israel.

In order to live by that phrase and be on the right side of history, there are two conditions:

a] you must know where the history, from where we're coming, and the future, to where we should be moving;

b] you must then do all in your power to make history move in that correct direction.

In regard to Israel it is clear that the history is the eternal connection of the Jewish people to the Holy Land. The flow of history is the return of the Jews to our home, for our land to be restored to us, and for Israel to continue to develop freely in the entirety homeland. Now it is up to President Obama, to the next president, and to all good people who wish to be on the right side of history – to do all in their power to make sure that none of the Jewish homeland is again stolen from us, that no more shall Jews be expelled from their homes, and that all our neighbors should be brought to understand and accept that the Jewish people has come home and through co-operation we can together turn the Middle East into a Garden of Eden.

(This post was written before the U.S. elections.)
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