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Settlement construction should not be used only as terror response - editorial

The government’s approach until now has been to avoid collective punishment against Palestinian civilians. There are now calls on the government to change its tactics.

Left-wing Jewish American orgs. blast Biden admin. for serving wine from Israeli settlement

"This mistake came about because of policy. Specifically, the Trump administration policy which erased the Green Line," wrote the Americans for Peace Now CEO.


Israel won't build settlements that'll prevent two-states - Lapid

FM Yair Lapid says Israel won't build anything that will prevent a future two-state solution, but homes will be built in existing settlements.

West Bank needs armed UN peacekeeping force - opinion

With the absence of a desire for peace by the Israeli occupiers, the only remaining solution is a neutral armed force that will ensure that the Jewish settlers stop their violence.


Two settler buildings in Eli to be razed, state tells court under Bennett

The two buildings, located in the settlement of Eli, could be evicted within three years.

Jerusalem's Mayor visiting a village in east Jerusalem

COVID vaccine: Israel sets up station for Palestinians in east Jerusalem

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion visited Kfar Aqb, located near the Qalandiya Crossing, to hear the needs of the residents of the neighborhood & take a closer look at the many problems they face.

Bahrain reverses statement on settlement products' ‘Made in Israel’ label

The denial came during a phone call between Al Zayani and Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riyad Malki, according to a statement released by the PA.

Biton: No budget to legalize West Bank settler outposts

Right now the Civil Administration lacks the ability to service Israeli and Palestinians in Area C, according to Biton.

MK Gideon Saar signs a declaration demanding that Netanyahu authorize West Bank outposts

On US election eve, MKs say Netanyahu must act now to legalize outposts

Right-wing parliamentarians worry a change in US leadership may doom West Bank outposts • settlers living there are the "last line in our fighting against the Palestinian takeover of Area C"

East Jerusalem

Settlers warn of de-facto building freeze following annexation back-track

"We’re being played as if we were a chip on a backgammon board.”

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