Haifa court finds 16-year-old innocent of father's murder

September 12, 2010 18:12

A 16-year-old child was found not guilty of the murder of his father by Haifa's District Court for Youth on Sunday.

The boy was charged with murdering his father at their home in the northern community of Tamra over a year earlier after an argument broke out between them regarding his father's refusal to give him allowance money.Police and the prosecution had alleged that the boy's father had tried to calm him down during the argument, but that the youth - it was alleged - stabbed his father in the chest, killing him.

The suspect initially admitted to all the allegations made against him, except that he had had an argument with his father before his death. Although, eventually the suspect and his mother testified that neither were involved in the death of the boy's father.

The judge in the case ruled that although it was likely that the boy and the mother had willfully tried to deceive the court with their testimony, the boy could not be found guilty based on the largely circumstantial evidence brought forward by the prosecution. The suspect is set to be freed from custody.

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