Mofaz on Hebron evacuation: The law is the law

April 4, 2012 18:06

Opposition leader Shaul Mofaz said Wednesday that the evacuation of the Beit Hamachpela house in Hebron was necessary given the law.

"The law is the law is the law, and it must be carried out," Mofaz said. "From the moment the court ruled it was necessary to follow its ruling."

When it comes to following the law, Mofaz continued, "there is no difference between a simple minister, the defense minister or any other senior official."

Despite seeming praise for the Defense Minister's decision to clear out the Hebron house -- which followed recommendations from the Attorney-General, and not the court -- Mofaz added sharp criticism of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's government's relationship with the court. 

"In the past three years, there have been attempts at anti-democratic legislation and inappropriate hesitations from the government on whether to carry out the decisions of the high court and implement the law. I hope this is the last hesitation from this government, because the law is above all."

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