Netanyahu to French, European Jews: Israel is your home

January 10, 2015 20:25

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reached out to French and European Jews on Saturday evening in the wake of two deadly attacks in Paris that left at least 17 victims without their lives this week.

"I want to tell the Jews of France and the Jews of Europe - the State of Israel is your home," he said.

The premier said the attacks in the French capital stood as "direct continuation of terrorist attack in the modern world" and warned that despite the different names of terrorist groups, they are all "driven by the same hatred and fanaticism that know no bounds."

He appealed to the international community to "come to its senses," stating that terrorism has sprouted from its base in the Middle East and continues to strike in various locations around the world.

He added that such organizations seek to undo the progress of modern society and "wants to revert humanity back 1,000."

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