Rights group: make Nazi salutes a criminal offense

March 21, 2012 17:54

Attorneys from a civil rights group slammed on Wednesday Israel's lack of legal provision to prosecute people caught making Nazi salutes in public.

The 'Nazi' or 'Hitler' salute, made by raising and straightening the right arm, was used in 1930s Germany as a form of greeting and sign of allegiance to Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler. Today, modified salutes are used by Neo-Nazis including as an anti-Semitic gesture.The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel asked the State Attorney's Office to prosecute activists it says were photographed making Nazi salutes during a human rights march in Tel Aviv in December.

However, in response, attorney Dan Eldad, a senior manager in the State Attorney's Office Special Assignments Division, said that under current legislation, it is not possible to criminally prosecute people for making Nazi salutes.

"This is despite the deep revulsion we all feel towards this behavior," Eldad added.

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