Suicide bomber hits Iraq military base, 19 dead

November 28, 2011 18:59

BAGHDAD - A suicide bomber attacked a military base in the Iraqi town of Taji on Monday, killing at least 19 people, in the latest assault by insurgents trying to undermine the government.

In central Baghdad an explosion in a car park at Iraq's parliament killed at least one person and wounded several others, including a politician, security officials said.

The Taji bombing was the third major attack in the last five days and underscored the fragile state of security as Washington prepares to pull out its remaining 14,500 troops by the end of the year, nearly nine years after the invasion that ousted Saddam Hussein.

The attacker detonated explosives packed into a minibus at the entrance to the base, which houses a jail holding prisoners from al Qaida, the Mehdi Army militia and other groups, officials and security sources said. Taji is 20 km (12 miles) north of Baghdad.

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