Uri Avner slams Saar's plan to bring students to Hebron

February 16, 2011 14:44

Former MK and Gush Shalom activist Uri Avnery responded to Education Minister Gideon Saar's plan to bring school children to Hebron on Wednesday, saying: "Gideon Saar ceased to be the minister of education, and turned into Israel's minister of propaganda, with the purpose of instilling an extreme right-wing ideology into the Israeli education system."

Avnery continued, "Every year we hear the heart rendering stories of pupils whose parents can't afford the fee required, and therefore can't participate in the school trips with their classmates, and feel ashamed and humiliated. Instead of helping these cases, Minister Saar opens wide the public treasury to finance 'trips' which are nothing but a political provocation in the service of the settlers."

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