Yishai: Shas won’t send reps to Tal Law replacement c'tee

May 14, 2012 15:24

Shas Chairman Eli Yishai issued a statement Monday saying that, following consultations with Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, the party will not be sending a representative to the committee established to present proposals for replacing the Tal Law.

“Those who study Torah are not subject to negotiations on quotas and on their basic rights to study the Torah,” Yishai said. “Their contribution to the Jewish people and to the State of Israel is well known and clear to any believing Jew."Members of Knesset from the ultra-Othodox party United Torah Judaism also said they will not participate in or send representatives to the committee.

According to sources within the UTJ, leading rabbis in the haredi community have instructed UTJ MKs not to take part in the hearings due to ideological opposition to a law which will encourage drafting haredim into the army.

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