Jewish dating app to offer virtual dates for quarantined romance-seekers

As coronavirus precautions confine people to their homes, JWed is offering an alternative, to ensure that dating life needn't be disrupted.

A couple share a romantic glass of champagne in the Golan Heights (photo credit: Courtesy)
A couple share a romantic glass of champagne in the Golan Heights
(photo credit: Courtesy)
A leading Jewish dating site is rolling out a virtual dating option in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, to ensure that whatever other disruptions they are facing, hopeful singles can still meet prospective partners online.
JWed is set to offer a suite of virtual dating features including video chat and a date scheduler, allowing people to connect and date across the web no matter where they are in the world.
“We envision a virtual dating experience that mirrors the authenticity of a night out in Central Park—daters will still dress up, have stimulating conversations, and engage in the same witty banter that they’d expect on an in-person date. The only difference will be the screen between them,” JWed CEO Ben Rabizadeh said.
Rabizadeh, who holds a Doctor of Pharmacy from Rutgers University, has been closely following the coronavirus outbreak since mid January, and is aware of the possibility that, as the virus spreads, it may impose restrictions on people's ability to move and meet freely.
“JWed is doing everything we can to mitigate the toll the virus may have on the dating lives of Jewish singles. By providing the option to date from home, JWed can continue to help singles find their soulmates during these challenging times,” Rabizadeh said.
JWed is planning to launch the virtual dating features as soon as possible, and, if city-wide quarantines are imposed, has pledged to offer those unable to leave their homes a partial rebate for the service, meaning that even in the darkest of times, love will have a chance to blossom.