Orthodox Jewish NJ man accused of leading double life, holding sex parties

The 33-year-old man from New Jersey is undergoing divorce proceedings after his wife claims he has been unsupportive of the family.

October 10, 2019 21:50
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George Washington Bridge between New York City and New Jersey, 2018.

George Washington Bridge between New York City and New Jersey, 2018.. (photo credit: REUTERS/MIKE SEGAR)

Avraham Adler, a 33-year-old man from New Jersey, has been accused by his neighbors and his landlord of hosting sex parties in his East Village apartment, while at the same time apparently leading a double, perhaps even triple, life as a married, ultra-Orthodox Jew, with a wife and three kids.

The New York Post reported that Adler held parties charging $60 for sex-filled soirees featuring spankings and group activity, according to a lawsuit against him.

His wife, who lives in suburban New Jersey, is asking for a divorce after he has been unsupportive of the family, forcing her friends to help pay the family's bills.

Several of his "girlfriends" have called his wife to ask for forgiveness after taking part in the gatherings.

Adler studied in a Yeshiva Gedola in Passaic at some point in his life and once told a newspaper he was so religious that he wouldn’t carry his car keys on the Sabbath.

His neighbors, however, claim that little of this stuck, saying, "He's no holy man," before calling him a stain.

Adler has reportedly had several run-ins with the NYPD, blocking fire hydrants with his car on multiple occasions, reportedly due to his parties and the disputes they have caused. Adler himself did not deny these allegations, only saying, “If I pay the fees [fines], why is it anybody’s problem?” He does, however, deny holding the parties or dating several women at once – specifically those who called his wife.

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