Innovation Technology

Hi-Tech is a comprehensive term that defines all industries that deal with advanced technologies. It primarily refers to technological industries with links to the world of computing, electronics and biotechnology. Israel is advancing Hi-Tech and providing these innovations in the global market for the benefit of healthcare, business and defense.

Fabric offers innovative robotic solutions ahead of Rosh Hashanah

The Israeli company promotes the usage of Micro-Fulfillment Centers (MFC) to ensure Israelis get their delivery in two hours or less.

Entrepreneur Erel Margalit and Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion.
New international innovation quarter launched in Jerusalem

“It is precisely during these difficult times, more than ever, that Jerusalem must build itself for the new world after the economic and social crisis caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic."

Coronavirus & Israeli Tech
Taglit-Birthright Israel, ‘Post’ to broadcast Innovation Conference

The conference will focus on technological solutions and products that are being developed in Israel in the struggle against the coronavirus and be aired live on the Post's website.

Citroen's new car can be driven by French teenagers without license

The French automaker's tiny two-seater Citroen Ami vehicle is powered by a modest 6 kilowatt electric motor, so under French legislation it can be driven by someone as young as 14.

Israel's eyes - How the drone went from a toy to the IDF's greatest tool

Accuracy in IDF missions has increased over the years due to a number of factors – and none match the drone.

Ynet CEO interrogated ahead of failed Taboola-Outbrain merger - report

The raid on Ynet's offices was reportedly part of an investigation carried out by the Competition Authority surrounding the planned merger of Taboola and Outbrain, two Israeli startups.

The wonderful world of wood

Wood is a very versatile material. It is used to produce beautiful furniture and works of art. Mahogany furniture fetches premium prices, and many works of art are made of wood.

InprisWay ensures drivers watch the road, drive safely

Users can answer calls and text messages, find the best route, and change music choices all with the flick of a thumb while keeping their eyes on the road.

A Skylord drone and its human operator
US military to employ next generation Israeli drone technology

Skylord, a drone system that can easily integrate with various platforms is intended to be used by soldiers operating in hostile environments and even by first responders.

Urban Aeronautics CEO has designed a made-in-Israel flying car

The car is able to take off the ground with two compressors located at its base.

A businessperson working at his computer (Illustrative)
Israeli audiobook firm iCast bought by Storytel for NIS 20m.

Storytel's acquisition of iCast is part of the firm's move to enter the Israeli market, with its Israeli launch currently slated for the first quarter of 2021.

Israeli cleantech firm UBQ to open waste conversion plant in Netherlands

In total, the facility in the Netherlands will produce 70,000 tons of UBQ thermoplastic annually. Going by Quantis's calculation, this means it will divert 819,000 tons of CO2 emissions.

Israeli facial recognition tech reduces chance of human bias

Just as it is wrong to say machines are ‘biased’ it’s wrong to say machines are not biased, however, AI systems are less biased than people.

Worker tends to systems in autonomous vehicle at Mobileye plant (REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun)
Self-organized autonomous vehicles can increase traffic flow - research

The study found that by-products may be increased traffic safety and fewer lane transitions.

Apple's latest acquisition of Israeli start-up reveals its arch strategy

Apple is known for its tradition of conducting secret acquisitions and has making such deals for a while. Many of its purchases are only revealed after they are completed or not revealed at all.

Haredim only make half the salary of others in hi-tech industry

The average salary of a haredi tech employee is NIS 10,830 a month, compared to an average monthly wage of NIS 22,479 among non-haredi tech workers.

Israeli medtech firm Nanox worth over $1.2b. with no revenue, FDA approval

Despite lacking approval or revenue, its share price has continued to soar.

Israeli drone company helps save endangered vulture chick

Despite typically being associated with military operations and psurveillance, Xtend's drone technolgy proved the versitility of unmanned automative vehicles.

Madison Campbell (L) Liesel Vaidya (R) co-founders of Leda Heath
Can take-home DIY rape kits help stop sexual assault?

The company said it can return results within 30 days as opposed to US hospitals, which provide results after an average of two years.

Coronavirus & Israeli Tech
Taglit, ‘Post’ tackle coronavirus technology at innovation conference

How the Start-up Nation's innovation is leading the fight against COVID-19. Presented by Taglit-Birthright Israel and The Jerusalem Post

Joint Israeli-Japanese group is the world’s first robot employment agency

Will the robotics revolution result in fewer jobs for humans?

A security guard checks the temperature of passengers at the entrance to the central bus station in
Elderly monitoring system installed in Israel's hospitals, amid pandemic

“As elderly people become more isolated as a result of social distancing, there is an increased need to monitor them without the burden of wearables or privacy-invading cameras.”

200,000 coding students from Israel, UAE to collaborate in app development

The announcement comes in the aftermath of the historic peace agreement announced earlier this month between Israel and the UAE.

A man types into a keyboard during the Def Con hacker convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.
NSA, Israeli, UK cyber chiefs confront new hacker threats in corona era

INCD Chief Yigal Unna said that bad actors “are intervening more in the cybersphere because it is harder for them to go out and make trouble in the physical world.”

Employees, mostly veterans of military computing units, use keyboards working at a cyber hotline
Israeli investigator uncovers cyberattack on hundreds of global servers

The cyberattack, dubbed FritzFrog, was based on the use of weak passwords, which the cyberattack infrastructure then used to infiltrate systems.

Cannabotech seeks $6m. in Israel's first crowdfunded share insurance

This is a first for Israel, as no start-up has yet to implement such a model.

Israel continues to promote digital transformation efforts

Israel Innovation Authority offering grants for a fifth year in a row to support promising digital enterprises.

Israeli Artificial Intelligence start up signs Japanese R&D deal

Nikko Global Wrap is a major Tokyo-based, international asset management company with over JPY2.3 trillion (approx. USD21.5bn) under management.

Light is the intersection at night, traffic intersection at night, the lights go out.
Israeli tech firm NoTraffic installs AI-based traffic solution in Phoenix

The AI-based technology is able to prevent accidents, distinguish between all modes of travel, grant priority to pedestrians and emergency services and reduce emissions from stalled traffic.

Yoaz Hendel visits Bar-Ilan U., presented with latest 5G technology

Hendel arrived at Bar-Ilan as a guest of the university's Center for Smart Cities, which views advanced technologies and 5G specifically as an important national project.

Israel’s voice recognition technology provides endless possibilities

Startup Nation is one of the biggest hubs for voice recognition technology

11 most promising Israeli companies to solve coronavirus' challenge

“The rapid change has precipitated a technological transformation and created unanticipated opportunities for these companies to solve some of the thorniest challenges imposed by the coronavirus."

Chelsea Football Club launches official training app

The new app offers users an AI based virtual coach, an advanced computer vision and augmented reality program, that can help anyone and anywhere to practice and perfect their skills.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Columbia President  Ivan Marquez meet by video
Colombia Innovation Center to open in Jerusalem, marking trade agreement

Colombian President Ivan Duque Marquez told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the news during a video meeting on Monday.

Israeli-based Wix is expanding its large R&D office in Vilnius, Lithuania
Wix now Israel's second most valuable company as retail shifts online

The coronavirus lockdown saw retailers scramble to open online stores, benefiting the tech company.

Insijam's 'Arabist' founder helps Jews and Arabs do business

"Every Jewish person living here should know Arabic,” Levi said. “Knowing the culture of the other person is the best way to find a path into his or her heart.”

The dark side of Israeli cybersecurity firms

Exists of Israeli cybersecurity firms have become somewhat of a norm in recent years. Last February alone, the Israeli-founded cybersecurity firm ForeScout was acquired for a staggering NIS 1.9 B.

New NYC app hopes to change the rules of the rental market

The concept is rather simple but sounds promisingly efficient. Renters which use the app can share their opinion about the brighter and less brighter aspects of their apartments.

Internet usage in Israel spikes amid coronavirus pandemic, study finds

More Israelis are going online for shopping, banking, making payments and general use.

Israeli high-tech companies work to develop solutions against coronavirus

Israeli startups are facing many challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic, but they are also trying to create new opportunities.

Pelephone announces launch of 5G network

Called "Pelephone Plus," the network operated by the Bezeq-owned company will utilize the network of hundreds of sites it built in recent months.

Tsionov Vitkon Architects is the winner of the architect competition to design a building at TAU
Architect for Azrieli School of Architecture building at TAU selected

The School of Architecture building, which is to be located at the southern edge of Entin Square, will constitute a significant landmark at the main entrance gates to Tel Aviv University.

Richard Branson
Virgin Galactic's Branson to fly into space in early 2021

The company competes with billionaire-backed ventures such as Blue Origin that are vying to usher in a new era of space tourism.

As Congress takes on social media giants, Israeli expert advises caution

Shwartz Altshuler to ‘Post’: Real issue is who controls privacy and data’

Bar Ilan University, engineering department
Bar-Ilan's on-chip memory tech ranks in top 3 ventures in Swiss contest

Currently, the amount of embedded memory on most chips would typically reach hundreds of megabits. This can often account for up to 75% of the total chip area.

Apple Pay to launch in Israel by the end of this year

The introduction of Apple Pay in Israel is part of a worldwide revolution expected to take place within the next year.

A HAREDI STUDENT works on a computer  at the Jerusalem College of Technology.
Haredim make significant inroads in hi-tech

High ultra-Orthodox birth rate leads to growing need for ways to escape cycle of poverty.

A vehicle powered by ElectReon tech
Israeli start-up ElectReon Wireless charging vehicles while driving

“We all know that electric mobility is the best way to solve CO2 emissions and pollution for mobility, but today, it’s constrained by batteries,” Noam Ilan, VP of Business Development at ElectReon

German Heron TP UAV, produced by Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI)
First modified German Heron TP UAV completes first flight

Medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) UAV will serve as a stopgap measure for German Air Force until a European system is developed.

Young professor combines aliyah, COVID-19 into AI breakthrough

French-Jewish scientist Joachim Behar leads a team, with four olim, working on PhysioZoo, an algorithm meant to help COVID-19 patients.

Israeli shekels
Your Investments: The government isn’t your financial savior

The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help. – Ronald Reagan

Children playing on TinyTap
Hillel's Tech Corner: TinyTap’s innovative way to limit children’s screen time

Time will tell how COVID-19 impacted our children’s education and whether those effects are reversible.

Send friends 5,000-year-old emojis with new Google AI hieroglyphic app

Users can play with hieroglyphics, practice identifying and drawing them and even send their very own message in ancient Egyptian to friends.

Israel’s innovative response to COVID-19

In the COVID-19 innovation report, Israel ranked as the second-most innovative country in the world, after the US.

Despite corona, Terra Venture Partners makes $3m. in seed investments

All three companies recently began operating under the umbrella of the TerraLab incubator.

‘Chevron could open Israel’s energy market to Asia’

Gov’t officials hopeful after news of energy powerhouse’s purchase of Noble Energy

Startup Grind Israel Country Manager, Shahar Matorin "I invested time and effort (almost ten years).
Startup Grind Israel GenZ (SGz) to reach high school future entrepreneurs

SG views education and offering opportunities as being hugely important, the GenZ Israel kick-off event will be online.

SkyStriker suicide drones sold by Elbit Systems to Azerbaijan
Israel revolutionized Azerbaijan’s drone arsenal. Are the weapons working?

Drones have played a major role in the recent clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Intelligence ministry staff demonstes to The Jerusalem Post their 3d data science graphs that they p
Using data science and classified intel to seize the future

Usually, Israel’s intelligence community and government ministries all operated in solitary “silos,” division chief Victor Israel told the Post during the recent visit.

A Google search page is seen through a magnifying glass in this photo illustration taken in Berlin,
Meet the search platform prioritizing action over traffic

One Israeli company has recognized such a need by creating the world’s first request-based service engine.

JASON COHEN in his home peanut butter factory in Modi’in
Paging Dr. Peanut Butter

His transatlantic practice sidelined by the pandemic, a MD from Modi’in reinvents himself by spreading Holy Butter.

‘Moneyball’ meets intelligence

Using data science and classified intel to seize the future.

Ford to work with Intel's Mobileye for better collision avoidance tech

Ford will include Mobileye's logo in driver-assist communication displays and is also considering using its Roadbook map system, which uses anonymized, crowd-sourced data from vehicle cameras.

Dubai, Saudi Arabia drive 3D printing revolution in Arab world

"Dubai not only has the world’s tallest building, but also the largest 3D-printed building."

Infographic showing the planned Emirates Mars Mission journey.
United Arab Emirates launches its mission to Mars

There are currently eight active missions exploring Mars; some orbit the planet and some have landed on its surface.

Microsoft donates Xbox Adaptive Controllers to children at ALYN Hospital

The adaptive controller is designed to make video games accessible to those with disabilities, and helps incorporate video games as a rehabilitation tool.

A Caja picker station, to which the robots bring boxes to
Caja Robotics offers smart machines for the warehouses of tomorrow

From the Spanish word for ‘box’ or ‘present,’ Caja offers a flexible set of solutions in an age when COVID-19 is making online shopping bigger than ever.

Kupat Holim Meuhedet
Meuhedet, Foresight pilot to mass-scan people in Ashdod for COVID-19

The pilot will be carried out by Meuhedet Healthcare Services, and will be used in one of their clinics in Ashdod that serves around 50,000 patients.

Start-Up Nation Central to boost Israeli ties to Latin America, Caribbean

"Latin America and the Caribbean must be part of the digital future," Vice President for Sectors and Knowledge at IDB Ana Maria Rodriguez said.

On World Emoji Day, Twitter announces the most used emojis of 2020

"The impact of COVID-19 on our conversations and behavior is evident in emoji usage trends compared to last year."

ABB robotics director: During COVID-19, Israel must invest in robots

Israel currently has 55 robots per 10,000 workers, South Korea, a world leader in the field, has 1,630 robots per 10,000 workers.

Peres Center to hold web seminar to show Jewish youths Israel's tech scene

The program will use online sessions and tasks to develop skills, and will focus on a variety of topics such as innovation, spotting market need, cyber tech, building business plans and a hackathon.

Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom Video Communications
Israeli researchers discover, fix Zoom vulnerability

In January 2020, Check Point discovered a vulnerability that would allow hackers to potentially identify and join active meetings.

A man is silhouetted against a video screen with a Twitter and a Facebook logo
Many celebrate as verified Twitter users unable to tweet due to hack

Despite the lack of clarity, thousands took to the social media giant to celebrate and poke fun at the new reality.

People holding mobile phones are silhouetted against a backdrop projected with the Twitter logo
Many Twitter accounts hacked in an attempt to spread cryptocurrency scam

The accounts, some of which have millions of active followers, were apparently hacked in order to spread a tweet seeking bitcoin donations by referring the user to a fake website.

Despite COVID-19, Israeli Innovation Day held in Nanjing

Citing ‘Start-Up Nation’ as a book that shaped how Chinese decision-makers view Israel, Prof. Xu Xin says Israel inspired China from the start of the 20th Century.

What is the impact of online shaming and cyberbullying?

Like any form of bullying, there are deep consequences to this treatment of others and it’s impact on both children and adults.

X LAB’s flagship store recently opened in Petah Tikva’s Ofer Mall
Cofix mogul launches X Lab Diamonds, offering more affordable gems

Avi Katz's new venture produces lab diamonds, which are manufactured by using technology that simulates conditions beneath the Earth’s surface

Can artificial intelligence understand human humor?

The future of AI is developing the capability of interacting with the surrounding world.

Israeli-made drones to assist in Norwegian rescue missions in the Arctic

Their state-of-the-art capabilities mean that the drones can continuously fly for hours on end over difficult terrain and identify targets under extreme conditions.

Cyber hacking
Israel cyber authority warns companies to patch Microsoft hackable hole

Israel's own cybersecurity firm, Check Point, uncovered the vulnerability and reported it to Microsoft.

Rubinstein to build  two towers in TA’s Yitzhak Sadeh complex
Rubinstein to build two towers in TA’s Yitzhak Sadeh complex

The Avraham Rubinstein building firm is expanding its office tower activity and establishing the Tou-Towers project, two office towers at the Yitzhak Sadeh complex.

A businessperson working at his computer (Illustrative)
Israel's Bezeq to double internet speed, eyes fibre network launch

Bezeq, Israel’s largest telecoms group, has long sought permission from the Communications Ministry to allow it to offer speeds of more than 100 Mbps.

Israeli animation app wins the 2020 Apple Design Awards

The app, called Looom, offers an innovative way for animators to create playful hand-drawn animation on Apple's iPads.

Yishai Ben-Tov works at Ecology for a Protected Community in Misgav
E-waste social enterprise prepares to weather second coronavirus wave

"We are very pleased to be considered an essential enterprise, especially in light of our workforce," the manager said.

Electrical power to the people

The Instagram application is seen on a phone screen August 3, 2017.
Instagram bans 'conversion therapy' content as opposition grows

The United Nations independent expert on sexual orientation and gender identity called last month for a global ban on conversion therapy, describing it as "cruel, inhumane and degrading."

Alerto app by TeleFire
Israeli company launches fire, malfunction alert apps

TeleFire, which has been a leader in the field of fire detection in Israel for over 40 years, offers a wide array of products relating to fires and malfunctions.

Prospera Technologies, Bayer partner to improve agriculture output

Prospera uses AI and advanced data collecting methods to ensure each plant, every seed, is brought to its full potential in the field.

XM Cyber secures $17m. to develop cyber defense for cloud-based resources

Pointing to the COVID-19 pandemic which led to millions of people working from home, XM Cyber CEO and co-founder Noam Erez argues that the company is now ‘more essential than ever.'

Elie Wurtman: The man with the golden touch

‘From the rockets to corona, I’m not going to let the noise get in the way of what we want to accomplish.’ A conversation with entrepreneur, wine maker and Zionist, Elie Wurtman.

Israeli Intel plant rolls out new Thunderbolt 4 cable port

The new USB4 is meant to be the first step in the upcoming revolutionary Tiger Lake line of products.

Pompeo: US mulling ban of TikTok, other Chinese social media apps

"With respect to Chinese apps on people's cell phones, I can assure you the United States will get this one right too," Pompeo said.

A STEM scholar does research
How did locust, a biblical plague, become a modern crisis? - Watch

Boris Mints Institute 2020 Research Conference: Israeli Innovation for a Better World

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