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Hi-Tech is a comprehensive term that defines all industries that deal with advanced technologies. It primarily refers to technological industries with links to the world of computing, electronics and biotechnology. Israel is advancing Hi-Tech and providing these innovations in the global market for the benefit of healthcare, business and defense.

Machshava Tova students at a hackathon with IBM programmers.

Machshava Tova helps prepare Israeli hi-tech's next generation

The organization has several programs designed to give teens in Israel's less-affluent communities the opportunity to learn coding and other essential technology skills.

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope remains offline for over a week

The telescope has been offline due to an issue with the payload computer, which has resulted in the telescope's instruments going into "safe mode."

Florida International University

Israeli entrepreneurship comes to the college classroom in US

New course at Florida International University highlights state’s growing Israeli tech presence


Claroty raises $140m. in 'largest ever' industrial cybersecurity round

As the frequency and impact of cyberattacks against organizations grow, global ransomware damage costs are predicted to exceed $265 billion by 2031, up from $20 billion in 2021.


WalkMe completes $2.6b. IPO while Israeli startups raise over $200m.

Just the fifth Israeli company to go public in the US at more than billion-dollar valuation, the Nasdaq IPO comes on the heels of Israeli start-ups' record-breaking fundraising tear

 Night falls over Beersheba’s city center, which is quickly becoming a hi-tech hub for Israel

Hi-tech sector stronger than ever, but fears loom - Innovation Authority

Over the past five years, the number of new startups established annually in Israel fell from 1,400 in 2014 to 850 in 2019, and it is estimated that just 520 new start-ups were established in 2020.


Israeli startup brings hi-tech to reading glasses

32°N sunglasses use a proprietary pixelated liquid crystals technology which enables the swift transition, developed over the course of ten years by DeepOptics.


Israeli camouflage tech makes soldiers ‘invisible’

Polaris Solutions developed an innovative new material that provides multispectral concealment

Coronavirus & Israeli Tech

How can Israel grow its hi-tech workforce? - analysis

Filling positions isn't easy, and hi-tech executives regularly complain that there are not enough qualified programmers and engineers available in Israel.


Facebook Israel launches blood donation locator feature

Facebook users will now be able to sign up for real-time alerts at blood donation centers in their area and set up routine reminders to donate blood.

Amazon to open data centers in Israel in 2023

The Tel Aviv Region will enable even more developers, startups, and enterprises to run their applications and serve end-users from data centers in Israel.

File photo of a Microsoft logo on an office building in New York

Checkpoint reveals four security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office

Checkpoint indicated that the vulnerabilities would allow hackers infiltrate a user's computer and potentially infect it with malware via Office files within the system.

Zim celebrates its NYSE IPO

In January, the shipping company raised $218 million on the NYSE, selling 14,500,000 ordinary at a price of $15 per share, at a company valuation of $1.75 billion.


Electric car sales in Israel expected to double to 19,000 in next year

Israel's infrastructure is inadequate for it to be a global leader in electric cars.


Hi-tech CTO: Arabs don't know they are welcome in Israel's tech sector

"At work we are equals, but when we get home, our worlds are not equal."


Does globalization bring the world closer or farther apart?

On Thursday, May 27, the Boris Mints Institute at Tel Aviv University presented a special webinar, ‘The Challenges of Globalization – Where Do We Go from Here?’

A ROBOT is pictured as activists from the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots stage a protest at Brandenb

BGU researchers use flying robots to emit emotions from subjects - study

The researchers conducted two different studies that use robotic facial expressions that are able to depict human emotions, which are then presented on drones

Gong's development team in Israel.

Sales intelligence company Gong raises $250m.

Gong's technology allows sales teams to analyze sales conversations using artificial intelligence to find out what is going right – and wrong – in their sales calls.


ThetaRay CEO: An open economy brings true peace

Mark Gazit speaks at the Jerusalem Post-Khaleej Times Global Investment Forum in Dubai

Yaky Yanay, CEO of Pluristem, speaks at the Global Investment Forum

Pluristem CEO touts a new generation of medical treatments

Yaky Yanay at Dubai conference: They put Israel on the map as an island of innovation


Mekorot CEO: It's time for low-cost quality water, and we can provide it

Eli Cohen, head of Israel’s national water company was speaking at the Global Investment Forum in Dubai.


UAE invests in innovation, but people, relationships are top priority

"We are ranked number one in the region for entrepreneurship, according to the Global Entrepreneurship index for 2020," Dr. Tariq Bin Hendi, director-general of the Abu Dhabi Investment Office said.

Noam Solomon, CEO & Co-Founder, Immunai

UAE-backed Israeli start-up aims to be ‘Google Maps’ of immune system

“This is an era of precision medicine, and Immunai, together with other companies, is helping shape the next generation of medicine relying on big data and biology.”

Check Point chief: Cyber has changed all geopolitical rules

Check Point CEO Gil Shwed at the Jerusalem Post-Khaleej Times Global Investment Forum in Dubai: Abraham Accords boosting Israel-UAE cyber deals.


Investments soar in Israeli digital health companies

Figures suggest that investors are looking beyond the pandemic that predominated the landscape in 2020.

Texting cellphone 311

US wireless firm to move its Israel offices to Kfar Saba

US-based Parallel Wireless has signed an agreement to move its Israel offices from Kochav Yair-Tzur Yigal to Kfar Saba’s O-TECH complex.

Immunai co-founders (from left) Luis Voloch and Noam Solomon

Israeli biotech firm CEO ranked among top 100 Harvard tech alumni of 2021

Other prominent Jewish names on the list include YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Israeli scientists find way to detect weevil infestations with AI, Google

Red palm weevils are a notorious invasive species that are among the worst pests for palm trees. They are devastating in the damage they cause, spread very quickly and are difficult to detect.

Globalization (illustrative)

Live Now: Does Globalization bring world closer together or farther apart?

Boris Mints Institute webinar addressing the challenges of Globalization

The logo of Bezeq Israeli Telecommunication Corp Ltd, the country's largest telecom group, is seen.

Bezeq investing billions of shekels in fast internet for Israeli homes

Deploying fast Internet quickly around the country is a top priority of the Communications Ministry.


Israeli firm ADI launches device to prevent forgotten baby syndrome

The system consists of a dedicated app and a cushion placed on the child’s seat, which are connected to Bluetooth. When the child is seated on the cushion, the system is activated.

Amazon, Google to employ thousands in Israel for massive Nimbus project

Google and Amazon are committed to spending at least 20% of their cloud contract's value on Israeli products and services.


Video analytics company AnyClip raises $47m.

The Givatayim-based company also introduced its expanded AnyClip platform, providing businesses with next-generation AI tools to unlock the power of video communications.


Ramon.Space raises $17.5m. to develop supercomputers for space

Ramon.Space builds space resilient super-computing systems that revolutionize the way software is written, applied, and processed in space.

The Aura Air system, shown here installed on a bus, was found to be more than 99.9% effective.

COVID-19: Taiwan installs thousands of Israeli air purifiers as cases rise

Taiwan was considered a success story during the pandemic, and had registered just 14 deaths and a little over 2,000 cases since it began.

Israel using drones to track damage from Hamas rockets

The drone companies participating in the project have a variety of aerial photography and monitoring capabilities to provide real-time data.

Worker tends to systems in autonomous vehicle at Mobileye plant (REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun)

Mobileye to help Toyota drivers to keep an eye on the road

Toyota Motor Corp has chosen Jerusalem-based Mobileye to develop Advanced Driver Assistance Systems for use in multiple vehicle platforms.


Aquarius Engines says it developed new Hydrogen engine model

The company's findings were confirmed in third-party tests conducted by Austrian engineering firm AVL-Schrick, the company added.


What will Israel's smart roads of 2030 look like?

More details will be revealed during Ecomotion Week, which gathers many of the world’s leading companies in the Smart Mobility field May 18-20.

The EU has been and is at the avant-garde of globalization.

Coronavirus has changed globalization’s trajectory - comment

On March 16, Nordstrom’s 380 stores in the US and Canada bustled with typical Monday activity. Just one day later, all of those stores went dark.

Cryptocurrency logos

Crypto startup Simplex sold for $250m.

The acquisition will provide Nuvei with an electronic money institution (EMI) license to offer IBAN accounts to end-users and corporations, and offers future banking and card issuing capabilities.


Apple Pay comes to Israel: The digital payment revolution begins

An estimated 400 million people around the world already use Apple pay, which comes installed on all Apple devices.


Israeli company selected as finalist for 2021 RSA conference

The competition is widely recognized as a catapult for success, as the top 10 finalists have collectively seen over 50 acquisitions and $8.2 billion in funding since the start of the contest.

Israeli tech lets users check their vital signs by selfie

The company's technology can measure a person's heart rate, heart rate variability, mental stress level, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, and more just by analyzing a person's face.


Israel-based software developers create app to tackle mental health

The new software targets an individuals' memory imaging system, displaying images that build on life events that have left emotional scars on a person overtime.

Tourists wear protective masks in Saint Mark's Square in Venice as Italy battles a coronavirus outbr

Will 2021 see the return of wanderlust? - opinion

Wanderlust has taken on a new meaning with the return of travel as the COVID vaccine begins to be administered worldwide.

'COVID forced us to innovate a new approach to philanthropy'

Balasha is spearheading the transition of what was once known as the Israel Free Loan Association (IFLA), an organization that has provided financial help since 1990, into something bigger.


Could Israeli technology prevent a Meron-type disaster?

Here is a look at some Israeli technologies designed to identify and control threats in large crowds.


Apple Pay expected to launch in Israel next week

The long-anticipated launch is expected to represent a tipping point for mobile payment solutions in Israel.


Intel Israel to build massive new Haifa campus, hire 1,000

The building will cover an area of tens of thousands of square meters and will house thousands of workers working on a hybrid model combining office and remote work time.


Google battles landmark UK class action over alleged iPhone tracking

It has been estimated that damages from the lawsuit could run to 750 pounds per iPhone user, potentially bringing damages to more than 3 billion pounds ($4.2 billion) if any future trial succeeds.


ALIVE and thriving: Pushing the boundaries of health technology

ALIVE is one of the few funds today investing in both medical devices and digital health

Interest in renting offices high after COVID decline

In the new office complex O-TECH, negotiations are currently underway with a number of international and Israeli companies for renting offices in an area of ​​tens of thousands of square meters.

Good energies: Firm that reinvented the engine starts new funding round

MayMaan has developed an internal combustion engine operating on a mixture of water and ethanol. They are in the 1st phase of sparking a revolution in the automotive and green energy markets.


ZIM Announces the Establishment of ZIMARK

New company to provide scanning technology for the logistics and supply chain industries

Investment giant Blackstone opens Israel office

Blackstone will focus on investing in mature, growth-stage companies, and won't be competing with local venture capital funds.


HUJI announces Dutch partnership to develop machine-learning algorithms

Both groups have the goal to start an innovation that would overcome media access control randomization while maintaining high standards of data privacy.

Human brain

Israeli startup developing remotely operated needle for brain surgery

Instead of removing tumors or blood clots by hand, the surgeon can maneuver the needle through the patient's brain tissue and can shoot water at the tumor to break it up.

Israeli innovation will allow oxygen to be produced from Moon's surface

"The technology we've developed is part of a value chain that will allow permanent bases to be established outside the limits of planet earth."

Segment information technologies: Digital management of the supply chain

Financial processes for some of the largest entities in the economy

How many Israeli start-ups are in Europe? A new report provides data

The UK, Germany and France employ 55% of all Israeli start-up workers in Europe.

Viewo, an Israeli start-up, was founded by Raphael, Rani Grinberg, and David Price.

60% of Israeli tech firms say they can't find enough employees

The coronavirus crisis halted the positive trends of recent years regarding the increased integration of women and members of the Arab and Ultra-Orthodox communities in hi-tech

A picture illustration shows a Facebook logo reflected in a person's eye

On social media, beware of personal data leakage

Social media is not just virtual platforms where one can communicate and express himself, it is also a mine of personal data coveted by not only tradespeople around the world, but also hackers.


Google and Amazon win Israel's NIS 4b. Nimbus cloud tender

The Nimbus Project is intended to provide a comprehensive and in-depth solution for the provision of cloud services to the government, the defense system and other bodies in the economy.

Representations of virtual currency Bitcoin are seen in this picture illustration

Cryptomining malware targeted about 1 in 5 corporate networks in 2020

Cryptomining malware attacks, although fairly new, are becoming ever more prevalent as they are seen as a more steady form of income for hackers, as opposed to ransomware and other attacks.

Got BioMilk? Lab produced milk could rival the real stuff

Israeli foodtech company BioMilk, in the race to develop lab-produced milk, announced its IPO on Sunday, allowing investors to buy stock in the newly publicly trading company.

Israeli plastic giant, thermoplastic firm to make eco-friendly products

Over 2 billion tons of household waste are dumped into landfills every year, and UBQ is a unique construct breaking down all organic and artificial waste to create an eco-friendly alternative.

A hooded man holds a laptop computer as a blue screen with an exclamation mark is projected on him i

Hackers hit the web in Cyber 2.0 competition

Previous challengers have struggled to succeed in the competition.

The Aura Air system, shown here installed on a bus, was found to be more than 99.9% effective.

Ashtrom Group invests in Aura Air start-up to reduce spread of COVID

The air-purification company recorded a sharp growth in the last year, carrying out hundreds of projects in The US, Europe, the Middle East and Israel.

Will Israel's energy future be primarily solar power?

"From the Red Sea to the Dead Sea, this is the first region in the world to have achieved 100% daytime solar power."


Amazon, Hebrew University partner up to tackle quantum computing

AWS brings quantum computing researchers and engineers together to accelerate development on quantum computing algorithms and technology, a statement by HU said.

Robot-surgery company Memic raises $96m.

Funding will support the commercialization of the company's Hominis robotic-assisted surgical platform in the US and potentially in other countries around the world


Israeli firm Cellebrite to do $2.4 billion Nasdaq IPO via SPAC

Cellebrite’s technology solutions position it for long-term growth in a market that is estimated to reach $12 billion by 2023


Israeli phishing defense company Cyberfish acquired by Cofense

Phishing is considered the number one threat in cyber-attacks and accounts for over 90% of global cyber-attacks.

JVP founder Dr. Erel Margalit addresses the Seeds&Chips foodtech conference in Milan, Italy, earlier

Israel looks to set up three new tech incubators

Concession winners will gain right to operate technology incubators for a period of up to five years, with the option of extending for three further years.


Israeli start-up raises $13m. to assist grieving families

The company, Empathy, designed an app to guide "families through the logistical and emotional complexities experienced with loss," Empathy said in a statement.

Cloud analytics company Upsolver raises $25m.

The company will use the financing to aggressively build its team, scale its go-to-market engine, and drive technical innovation.


Israeli startup FlyTech seeks to make drone home deliveries the norm

A new pilot program will see the use of drones in commercial activity.

Mark Zuckerberg's cellphone number leaked in Facebook hack

The hack essentially publicized the personal data of around 533 million Facebook users.

A display for the gaming company Nintendo is shown during opening day of E3, the annual video games

Super Mario Bros. cartridge auctioned off for $660,000, breaking records

Super Mario Bros. is a widely-recognized and popular franchise that has spawned numerous iterations representing a large variety of game types, from adventure to sports games.

Video games

Virtual reality: What can video games show us about ancient armor?

Researchers modeled the equipment of a Germanic warrior from between the 2nd and 4th AD.

An information analyst works in front of a screen showing a near real-time map tracking cyber threat

Israel’s cyber sector breaks another record, raising $1.5B in Q1

Success builds on booming 2020, when sector attracted $2.9B in capital.

The Aura Air system, shown here installed on a bus, was found to be more than 99.9% effective.

Israeli air disinfectant start-up to open innovation center in Ethiopia

A month long study at Sheba Medical Center found last year that the start-up's clean air system has the ability to eliminate different viruses and bacteria at a rate of 99.97%.

Hi-tech imaging sheds light on Holy Sepulchre wall crosses

"This unique phenomenon always baffled us: Is it graffiti of the pilgrims, or rather, something else?...,"


Israeli firm Eviation wins prestigious aircraft innovation award

The Crystal Cabin Award recognizes leaders in the field of aircraft cabin innovation.

Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk speaks onstage during a delivery event for Tesla China-made Model 3 cars at

New Tesla Supercharger station opens in Tel Aviv

The announcement was eagerly welcomed as Israel has introduced and integrated more electric vehicles into the market and onto the roads.

Israel's Zoomin Team.

Israeli startup Zoomin raises $52 million in funding

Every technological enterprise that creates products produces a huge of content surrounding it. Zoomin helps companies make sense of it all in a timely and relevant manner, based on user experiences.

A CYBER hotline facility, part of Israel’s hi-tech innovative sector

Virtual meeting held of Israeli hi-tech workers abroad who wish to return

The meeting was held as part of launching the Back2Tech program for returning Israelis and joining hi-tech companies.


Hillel's Tech Corner: Shaare Zedek breaks through healthcare barriers

Companies like Zebra Medical,, MobileODT and so many others have developed proprietary technology that is saving lives every single day.

A CYBER hotline facility, part of Israel’s hi-tech innovative sector

Israel's tech sector keeps producing unicorns

Unicorn sightings are becoming a frequent occurrence in Israel's hi-tech sector. More than a dozen privately held Israeli start-ups have crossed the $1 billion mark in 2021 alone.


Tesla can now be bought for bitcoin, Elon Musk says

Bitcoin, the world's biggest digital currency, rose more than 4% after Musk's tweet and was last trading at $56,429.

Servers for data storage are seen at Advania's Thor Data Center in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland

Israeli start-up wins Negev eco-hackathon

ZutaCore took home the first-place prize for their sustainable and money-saving generator that produces energy from the water heated by the cooling process of computer servers.

Intel plans $20 billion for new Arizona sites

That will include spending $20 billion on two new factories at an existing campus in Chandler, Arizona, and then additional future sites in the United States and in Europe.

DR. ETI LUZZATTO speaks with journalist Dany Cushmaro last week.

‘Corona showed it is possible to reduce time and distance’

“The Corona crisis is a point in human history that has brought about dramatic change. It can be compared to the Industrial Revolution or the dot-com revolution."

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