Major Palestinian political group founded in 1965 by Yasser Arafat and now led by Mahmoud Abbas
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Palestinian elections: Hamas will promise Islamic law, change and reform

Hamas, of course, is also convinced that many Palestinians will vote for its candidates because they identify with the Islamist movement’s ideology.

Hamas and Fatah hold Egyptian-brokered reconciliation talks in Cairo

The last ballot in 2006 ended in a surprise win by Hamas in its first parliamentary elections. That set up a power struggle between Hamas, with its power base in Gaza, and Fatah in the West Bank.


Hamas: Enormous differences with Fatah may scuttle elections

“The Fatah-Hamas dispute cannot be solved through presidential decrees.”

Fatah needs new faces to win Palestinian elections, says leading academic

‘Palestinian Authority run in an authoritarian manner’

YAHYA SINWAR, the leader of Hamas in Gaza, has proven more than once he is pragmatic and is willing

Hamas urges Abbas to lift Gaza sanctions to facilitate elections

The leaders of several Palestinian factions are expected to launch a "national dialogue" in Cairo on February 8 in a bid to reach agreement on the general elections.

Why did Russia invite Abbas rivals to Moscow?

The high-ranking delegation invited to Moscow was headed by Samir al-Mashharawi, one of the founders of Dahlan’s Fatah Democratic Reform group.

Palestinian Authority praises Munich massacre as a 'quality operation'

In a video shared by Fatah on the anniversary of the death of Black September commander Ali Hassan Salameh, the terrorist attack was classified as "a quality operation."

Infighting likely to harm Fatah’s chances of winning election

Dozens of Fatah activists throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip have threatened to run as independents if they are excluded from the official Fatah list.

abbas hayniyeh

Will Fatah and Hamas run together in the parliamentary election?

Other Fatah operatives said they were “surprised” to hear about the idea of joining forces with Hamas.

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