Major Palestinian political group founded in 1965 by Yasser Arafat and now led by Mahmoud Abbas

New US-backed Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mustafa forms cabinet

The US has welcomed the formation of a new Palestinian autonomy government, signaling its acceptance of the revised cabinet lineup as a step toward Palestinian political reform.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas speaks during a news conference following the extraord

How tensions between Hamas and Fatah could change Gaza

The Hamas decision to launch the unprecedented massacre of October 7 was an attempt to launch a first strike that could change the region.

Fatah says Hamas is responsible for Palestinians' current 'Nakba'

Rival faction accuses Hamas of bringing upon a ‘worst catastrophe than 1948,’ pointing out the bloody 2007 coup and wondering if Hamas would be interested in appointing a Prime Minister from Iran.


Hamas-linked website warns Palestinians not to work with Israel

With civil order increasingly strained in Gaza and police refusing to provide security to convoys because of the risk of being targeted by the IDF, the issue of food distribution is a major problem.


Hamas delegation meets with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister

Russia’s foreign ministry highlighted the need for Palestinian unity, and wished Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas success in forming a new cabinet.

Palestinian official: Holocaust necessary, Jews planned to take over Germany

Fatah Official Yasser Aby Sido claimed that Jews had been destroying Germany's economy and moral values, which was why Hitler needed to carry out the Holocaust.

All eyes are on Russia as a mediator between Hamas and Fatah

Russia’s role as the host and mediator of these talks is particularly noteworthy. Moscow appears to be leveraging its perceived victories in Ukraine to expand its influence in the Middle East.

Arafat’s next successor another reason why a Palestinian state will be a disaster

The immediate release of terrorists incarcerated by Israel has remained a repeated demand by Hamas and recently, it added Barghouti to the list of those who must be freed.

Marwan Barghouti

Hamas demands release of jailed Palestinian leader in Gaza hostage deal

Marwan Barghouti, the head of Tanzim, an armed faction of Fatah, was arrested by the Israeli security forces in the West Bank city of Ramallah on April 15, 2002. 


Palestinian Authority calls for terror organization unification to rule Gaza after war

The question of who will rule the Gaza Strip when Israel defeats Hamas has been a widely discussed topic and has led to much uncertainty and debate.

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