• Sergio Castelbolognesi, Ambassador Gianluigi Benedetti and his family.

    Grove Dedicated in Honor of the Italian Ambassador to Israel

    By KKL-JNF

  • The Israeli Cycling Academy team, granddaughter Gioia Bartali, Italian Ambassador Gianluigi Benedett

    Giro d’Italia: Bicycle trail dedicated to Gino Bartali in Haruvit

    By KKL-JNF

  • JNF Australia representatives at the newly inaugurated ecological landscaping project in Kibbutz Nah

    Ecology and Community Development in the Negev and Galilee

    By KKL-JNF

  • The new Multi-Sensory Science Garden at the Jordan River Village

    Multi-Sensory Science Garden Opened at Jordan River Village

    By KKL-JNF

  • DANIEL ATAR: The Jewish link to the environment goes back to the holy roots of the Torah

    KKL-JNF calls on Diaspora Jews to partner with Israel for another 70 years


  • Spanish-Catalonian journalist Pilar Rahola addresses a packed audience in Israel

    Spanish-Catalonian journalist Pilar Rahola addresses audience in Herzliya

    By KKL-JNF

  • KKL-JNF team and Kenyan Forest Service officials with the Israeli Ambassador to Kenya

    KKL-JNF Experts Help Create Forests in Kenya

    By KKL-JNF

  • JNF-KKL Germany delegation group photo at the German States Forest donor recognition center in the N

    German Mission to Israel for its 70th Birthday

    By KKL-JNF

  • Eurovision 2018 contestants plant trees in Israel

    Eurovision 2018 Contestants Plant Trees in Israel

    By KKL-JNF

  • French Holocaust survivor Fanny Ben-Ami led a group of Jewish children to freedom when she was only

    French Jewish Rescuers Honored on Holocaust Remembrance Day in Martyrs’ Forest

    By KKL-JNF

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