Jack Black and Kyle Gass of Tenacious D, Mates Studio, North Hollywood
Jack Black adds his own flare to the Passover Seder song 'Chad Gadya'

The video itself, representative of the joy Black has incorporated into the bulk of his comedy career, introduced drawings and representative depictions of the animals represented in the song.

White City Shabbat offering full refund after Seder box snafu

Jay Shultz, one of the White City cofounders, said the caterer had experienced difficulties preparing the food due to problems caused by the coronavirus. He added that most people were happy.

Liberman hosted son for Passover Seder despite nationwide lockdown

Liberman posted a now-ironic message of hope on Facebook the night of the Seder, saying that "we will soon be able to celebrate again with the extended family and friends. Happy Holidays!"

IFCJ provides Passover meals to families worldwide during coronavirus

“The IFCJ announced they are dedicating $3 million to help more than 215,000 Jews observe Passover in Israel, in poverty-stricken regions of the former Soviet Union, and elsewhere around the world."

The Fellowship is committing to help an additional 15,000 elderly aged 75 and above with packages of
Corona Passover: Kindness prevails

This year, with COVID-19 front and center, acts of kindness and charity have helped countless people get ready for the holiday, while under lockdown.

For IDF who are fighting deadly coronavirus: An unforgettable Passover

With soldiers enforcing a shutdown on cities and bare-bones Seders held around the country, Israel adjusts to its first quarantined holiday

Seder, alone

Well, that was odd.

The Passover Haggadah has always been a source of light in Jewish history

This is going to be a Pesach like no other.

Happy Passover to Ilan Chaim

Over his career, Chaim has written hundreds of op-eds on political and societal issues as one of The Jerusalem Post’s lead editorial writers.

Sing a song of Seder for Passover

I am grateful for my amazing family, near and far, who are handling this crisis with courage and creativity.

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