UAE-Israel deal

UAE lawmaker: 'Hamas and the PA are both corrupt and murderers'

"Now the anger towards the UAE, from both the PA and Hamas, has been created because we have stopped paying. We want to pay and we will pay the people. Not Hamas and the PA."

The Golan Heights Winery whooshed onto the Israeli wine scene like a comet.
Israeli Golan Heights wine to go on sale in UAE

"We are excited to be the Israeli winery that will "open the gate" and introduce the residents and guests of the UAE in Dubai to the Israeli wine industry," the Golan Heights Winery's CEO said.

The F-35 sale to the UAE is a self-imposed saga - analysis

What makes this saga is even more frustrating is that in this particular case the UAE deal could have been all silver lining – with no clouds visible at all.

A United Arab Emirates (UAE) flag waves alongside an Israeli flag
Things Israel can learn from UAE: Appoint a happiness minister

Israel has what to learn from the UAE, particularly the desirability of integrating people’s happiness into government policy decisions.

PICO Ventures co-founder brings Jerusalem, and its youth, to UAE

Elie Wurtman believes the second largest economy in the Arab world could help Israelis engage with people from dozens of previously unexplored markets.

Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum meets with UAE businessman Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor
Jerusalem Dep. Mayor calls on gov't to welcome Gulf Muslims

While visiting Dubai, she realized that there is a tremendous interest from some of the UAE’s largest companies and institutions to do business in Israel.

L to R: Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Abdullatif Al Zayani, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,
Does the US see UAE ties as a way to curb Chinese investments in Israel?

Does this peace agreement, and now the Abraham Fund, serve an additional American foreign policy interest in another part of the world?

A United Arab Emirates (UAE) flag waves alongside an Israeli flag
UAE disabilities program director presents at Access Israel conference

“I almost feel like Neil Armstrong right now, the first person there doing this. A small step in moving the journey forward, sharing best practices and keep going!”

Israel says UAE visit 'making history' - Palestinians call it 'shameful'

The UAE and Gulf neighbor Bahrain became the first Arab states in a quarter of a century to sign deals.

A United Arab Emirates (UAE) flag waves alongside an Israeli flag
UAE cabinet ratifies accord to Israel ahead of official visit

Israel ratified the deal in a cabinet vote and a parliamentary vote last week.

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